Minor League Bullpen Options

Let's see if any of our our minor league relievers could produce at a high level for us in the bigs next year, let's start off with...

Dale Thayer: 


GB%: 44%|LD%: 17%|FB%: 37%

FIP: 2.56, MLE: 3.21, tRA: 3.83(130+)

Thayer has been very dominant in the minors, generating swinging strikes with a high K rate with a decent Walk rate for a reliever. He forces a majority of Ground Balls and gets a decent amount of swinging strikes, Thayer could be up by the All Star Break next year if he is needed.

Eduardo Morlan:

K/9:8.50|BB/9: 2.83

GB%: 32%|LD%: 20%|FB%: 46%

FIP: 3.97, MLE: 5.16, tRA: 4.93(106+)

Eduardo Morlan, picked up from the Delmon Young-Matt Garza trade, took a step backwards this year. He saw his K Rate drop by a massive amount, down from 12.6 per 9 innings and as such, his stock has dropped significantly. This is reportedly due to a loss in velo, and a flyball reliever with only an above-average K-Rate for a reliever means his ETA is Sep or 2010, and that may be generous. 

Jacob Mcgee:

K/9:7.25|BB/9: 4.13

GB%: 43%|LD%: 18%|FB%: 37%

FIP: 4.34, MLE:  5.11, tRA: 4.82(107+)

Probably not 100% for the majority of the year, Jake McGee suffered Tommy John's Surgery mid-year, and put to rest what would be his most disappointing year as a pro. His Walk Rate was bad and his K-Rate was not up to his standards. If he can heal and be back within the first months of the season(As a reliever), and his K-Rate returns, his ETA could be as soon as September as a dominant lefty power pitcher a la Everyone's Favorite Velociraptor, if he is out for much longer, his ETA moves to Mid-2010.

Mitch Talbot(Durham Only):

K/9: 7.66|BB/9: 1.90

GB%: 55%|LD%: 16.%|FB%: 27%

FIP: 2.98, MLE: 3.54, tRA: 4.07(122+)

Everyone's favorite overlooked starter, Talbot could fit in as an Andy Sonnanstine-Like Pen Piece. An average K Rate coupled with an outstanding Walk Rate spell success for any level, and a 5 pitch Repertoire, he could conceievably make the regression that the existing pen is due more bearable, and has a good shot at making the team out of spring training.


So in order of Most to Least Ready, I have it as:





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