Low Level Prospects to Keep an Eye on

We all know of Price, Davis, Hellickson, Brignac etc...

It's easy to know those guys. They are talked about more and consider less likely to fail because they are closer. Well this post is dedicated strictly to the guys in Colombus (low A ball) and lower. I'll only post about guys I feel have a good shot to one day be considered one of our top 10 prospects. If I like them, but dont know enough yet than you will find them under the Other Sleepers at the bottom of each affiliate. Any kind of scouting reports you guys can find would be very welcomed.

Colombus (low A ball):

Alex Cobb (20)-SP
He's not a huge guy (6'1) or the hardest thrower but he's very effective. His best pitch is his sinker, which is very good. He's still working on the command of the breaking pitches but that's to be expected. He induces twice as many groundballs than flyballs. He also strikes out around 7 guys per 9 innings. The ability to get alot of grounders could make him a star if he plays behind our defense. You probally wont hear too much of him this offseason but with a strong 2009 in Vero Beach, he could sneak onto the BA top 100.

Other Sleepers: None

Hudson Valley (short season ball):

Jacob Jefferies (20)-C
The scouting report on him coming out of college was: Good contact hitter, Good plate discipline, Good defense, and little power. That report has been dead on so far. His BB/K ratio is 1, which shows how patient he is. Also 17 k's in 156 AB's is ridiculous. Catchers usually take longer than any other prospect to develop but so far I can see why we took him in the 3rd round. He'll have a bright future and shoot through the minors if he can keep his plate discipline. Keep in mind he's a 2008 draftee so the sample size is still small.

Nick Barnese (19)- SP
Most of know about him already so I wont go into alot of detail. To make it short, he's nasty. Behind Price, Davis, Hellickson and McGee, he's the next great SP prospect in line. Following the same path as Hellickson and just as dominate. Could make the BA top 100 (like Hellickson did after SS ball).

Tyree Hayes (just turned 20)- SP
Had his best performance as a pro today, and is my inspiration for the post. He gets alot of ground balls but doesnt strike guys out a whole lot. Needs to work on his command (21 BBs in 50 IP) but the grounders could end up saving him in the higher levels. In order for him to succeed and be considered a top prospect soon, he'll need to strike more guys out. 4.5 K's/9 is just not going to cut it if he wants to stay a starter. If he does pickup the K's, than look for him to be another Alex Cobb.

Kyeong Kang (20)-OF
6'2 200 LBS. Good power potential. Hits for a nice average and has a good eye. Biggest thing going for him is his age. He'll need to keep all of his stats close to the same level while developing power to be considered anything special. He's a sleeper prospect for next year IMO. Half of his hits have been XBH so far, which bodes well for the future.

Other Sleepers-Michael Sheridan

Princeton (rookie ball):

Tim Beckham (18)-SS
Again we all know him so im not going to spend long on him. Great defense and good bat. Needs to develop power to make the comparisons to the Uptons true. BTW he's hitting over .320 in his last 10 games.

 Matt Moore (19)-SP
Quite possibly my favorite low level prospect. Reminds me alot of another McGee. 58 K's in 39 IP. Thats like 15 k's/9! Gets alot of grounders and opponents are hitting .174 off him. As a 6'2, 205 LB lefty, his future is very bright. Look for him to move to Hudson Valley next year. Also 0 HR's given up in 39 IP this year. He's an amazing talent and it should be fun to watch him move up.

Other Sleepers: Kyle Ayers, Jason McEachern, Chris Luck, Burt Reynolds, Elias Otero (tho he's a little old for my liking), Brian Bryles, and Chris (Ty) Morrison.

Notes: The lack of talent in Colombus is disheartening and it shows. They are the second worst team in the Sally league. Cobb is likely the only one with any future with us. Hudson Valley has some good prospects but Barnese is by far the most ready to move to Colombus. Obviously the talent in Princeton is loaded. Most of the potential won't be reached which is why I only went with the two I felt will reach their potential. The best thing about Princeton's sleepers (except Otero) is that they all are very young and have a lot of time to succeed (or fail).

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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