Notes on Draft picks

I recently saw scout videos of our 4th round pick Ty Morrison, 15th Brandon Meredith, and 29th Brandon Magee. As most of you know, they are 3 highly thought of OFers. Morrison signed already and the other two have until Friday. RJ had me intrigued by these guys so I did some research on them and watched video on them. Here's notes on what I saw:

Ty Morrison (6'2 170)-
Reminds me of a young Baldelli (before knowledge of a disease of course). He's extremely lanky, but should get some good power once his frame fills out. I dont like his swing is inconsistent. Some times he'd have a long swing, some times a short. The bat speed is good when its short so getting that down is vital.His arm is just awful. Hopefully that can improve. It's about as good as Crawford's at best. He does have good speed tho. Ran a 4.3 to first which is above average in the MLB (Im pretty sure Crawford runs a 3.8 flat on average and Jose Reyes runs a 3.7). Overall he's a very good project prospect who should be close to 200 pounds in about 4 years, so the power will come, and if he can consistently keep his swing short than he'll hit for a good average.

Brandon Meredith (6'2 225)-
Probally should play first base. His arm is by far the worse of the 3. Not overwhelming speed either, 4.6 to first. But what he lacks in arm strength and speed, he definetly makes up for in Power and bat speed. I love his swing. It's the type of swing that could hit any ball out on any part of the field. His swing could easily produce 450 ft shots, thats devastating power for a high schooler. Of course, at 225 pounds that is to be expected. Another thing I noticed, he doesnt seem to know where the strike zone is. He would swing at balls in the dirt and at his chest, and wouldnt swing at balls down the middle sometimes. Overall, he is my least favorite of the 3. Reminds me of another Royster.

Brandon Magee (6' 230)-
He reminds me alot of Crawford, but better. He's fast....boy is he fast. Ran a 3.72 to first. His arm is average right now but easily the strongest and most accurate of the 3. Even his batting stance is close to CC's. There's a big difference in it tho. He gets under balls better and drives them better than CC. Doesnt have a great opposite field homerun swing like Meredith but still has tremendous power when he turns on one. Very good bat speed too. Not as fast as Meredith's but still good. Overall, he seems like the most complete prospect out of the 3. Nothing in his game seems bad or close to it. Likely fell to the 29th round only because of football. I could care less if Meredith doesnt sign because I dont think he'll pan out, but if Magee isnt signed than I'll be disappointed. I'd actually rate him higher than Morrison. People, he's that good. I've never been so blown away by a prospect in the lower rounds like I have with Magee. SIGN HIM!!!

As always, I hoped you enjoyed this.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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