September Call-ups

For the first time ever we are in a situation where September call-ups are going to be used to help the MLB team instead of just getting some young guys some playing time. That brings the question of who do we call up? Here is a list of guys who could potentially be call-up, Ill give my thoughts what does everyone else think?


Guys already on the 40 man


Juan Salas- I know he is already in the majors but I am throwing him in here because I would assume he would be sent down for a day or 2 depending on when Percival comes back.

My guess: 100% chance of being called up

Kurt Birkins- forgotten about lefty who has a 6.75 ERA down in Durham. Has some MLB experience but isnt that good.

My guess: 60% chance of being called up. The only reason it is that high is because we will only have 2 other lefties in the pen and it never hurts having an extra arm.

James Houser- Injured

Jeff Niemann- Niemann was a big name tossed around at the trade deadline and has really good stuff and is a mlb ready starter. He does have a history of injury problems and is only completing his 2nd full pro season.

My Guess: 25% chance of being called up. I think Niemann is a starter and isnt really built to work out of the pen, I also think he would benefit from being shut down a little bit earlier after the minor league playoffs.

David Price- I dont know if there is anything I can say people dont already know, he has struggled in his first 2 AAA starts with command which could be a problem.

My guess: 30%- The front office may get pressured into calling him out but I think the smart move would be to let him finish the year in Durham and shut him down after that. While he could be a bit of help to the pen, I think he will benefit more from getting an extra couple starts in the AAA playoffs.

J.K. Ryu- injured

Mitch Talbot- Insert man crush warning here, Talbot has been extremely solid of late. He has gone 8-1 in his last 10 starts and has allowed just 6 runs in his last 7. Talbot would be my choice to get the spot start in the DH against Baltimore late September and could be successful out of the pen.

My guess: 75%- not sure the FO is as high as I am on him.

John Jaso- Jaso has been a stud since being called up to Durham, .856 OPS and has been solid behind the plate. He would be the easier of the 2 catchers for the Rays to call up being on the 40.

My guess: 35%, not that I don't like Jaso, I just think the FO will go with the veteran Difeliece.

Joel Guzman- .713 OPS but plays a solid defense and has been playing some SS of late along with 3B and 1B. He has tremendous power but that is about the extent of his offensive prowess.

My guess: 75% A right handed power bat, wouldn't hurt right?

Elliot Johnson- most versatile guy possibly in the whole system. I talked to him earlier in the year and he mentioned that he was even the emergency catcher during his time with the big league club at the beginning of the season. He isnt the most talented but has good speed and plays good defense.

My guess: 100%, perfect type of player to call up, can play everywhere on the diamond, switch hitter with good speed.

Fernando Perez- one of the more interesting options, before the season or even a month and a half ago I would say no way he gets called up but he continues to play solid defense and .748 OPS + 40 SB isn't bad either. Could get called up for his defense and speed.

My guess: 50% Really not even sure what I would do much less what the FO will do.

Jonny Gomes- AAA Jonny not much better than MLB Jonny 12-52 (does have 2 HR)

My guess: 40%, I would guess that Gomes, Perez, and Guzman all wont get called up but 2 will, Jonny could be the man left out.


Guys not on the 40 Man.

Dan Johnson- Johnson has been playing a lot of 3B leading a lot of people to believe that this is leading to a September call-up. Im not sure why the Rays would try him out there if that wasnt the case given he most likely wont be on the team next year.

My guess: 90%, he should get the call, my guess Ryu goes to 60 man DL

Mike Difelice- Veteran catcher, isnt going to bring much to the table other than experience but that he has. Difelice was a member of the original Devil Rays

My Guess: 65%, He isnt as good as Jaso but I think they go with the veteran.

Dale Thayer- A lot of people keep throwing this name out there and I am a big fan of his 2.39 ERA in 48 innings.

My guess: 5%. Like I said I am a Thayer fan but I dont see us taking someone off the 40 man to add a guy who would maybe only make it 1 or 2 games and that would only be in mop up duty. Thayer should get his chance next spring to make the roster.

Chris Richard- Richard has been the MVP for the Bulls this season (.914 OPS) IMO and can play 1B or corner outfield. Will most likely have the same problem as Thayer

My guess: 10%, A little higher than Thayer but snot by much, I dont really see the Rays making room on the 40 man for a guy who isnt going to play much



This was kinda long but it is nice to have September call-ups really mean something and I for one am excited.


This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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