Oh Dear


Oh deary deary dear.Time for P Brady's patented Bullet Points of criticism!


  •  I’ve never been in favor of platoons in general because I’ve always felt that if a guy can play, he can play, screw the other crap. Stats say otherwise and that’s the world we now live in so I’ll go with it.


You know I've never been a fan of specialties in medicine because if a guy can heal, a guy can heal. Screw that other crap, I want my podiatrist giving me brain surgery. Common sense says otherwise and that's the world we live in so I'll go with it.


  •  I don’t know much about Kapler other than he was once a highly touted prospect who turned into a journeyman type that was coaching before he decided to jump back into the player ranks. The problem I have with this signing is that Kapler got a mil and Rocco got less, granted there’s incentives, from the Red Sox.


I don't think you realize how incentives work.


  • Marc Topkin tried to justify by saying that the Baldelli deal “could be” worth more because of playing incentives, but how much more?


5 million reasons for TO not kill himself more.


  • If you give Roc the same deal you give Kapler, he walks. If you offer Roc the same deal that Boston did, I think he stays


I think if I made as much money as Ben Affleck I'd sleep with Angelina Jolie.  But I don't and the rays don't.


  • All that being said, wouldn’t anyone rather pay a little more for a healthy Rocco than a Gabe Kapler if they are needed full time? I understand the Rays penny pinching, but this is stupid.


Not really, In plattoon roles its no lock that rocco is worth even 3 million more than Kaplan. He isn't worth the rays overdrawing their bank account by roughly $4million.


  • I can make sense of it thinking that Fernando Perez needs another year in AAA, but how did we end up with an overrated Gabe Kapler over Rocco Baldelli. This is why Boston is the most well rounded organization in baseball right now and not the Yankees, Rays, Phillies, etc


How is Kapler overrated by you if you know nothing about him? How does Boston have a better org by having an inferior farm system and spending money on injured players, why am I still doing this?

  • The Rays may be the best at operating as a small market, but they aren’t there just yet. It’s a tough position for the Rays to be in here and it’s hard to pick on them for the moves that they make, since they’ve been so good under tough conditions, but this move I can’t rationalize at all. Kapler over Baldelli, really?
Why are you upset we went with Dr. Cox(RIPPED) over Dr. Nick Riviera?


Also, Red Sox sign The Greek God of Testicles to a 4 year extension.

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