The Ice Cream Paint Job

Carl Demonte Crawford always has a wide variety of hippity hop for his walk up song but this year I believe he had the one that fit his personality the best. That song would be "Ice Cream Paint Job" by Dorrough. I am going to go through verse by verse and show you why.

mr. D-O-double-R

-I could see Carl walking up in the club going "Mr. 13 Double C"

I say..
Yea buddy!

-Carl most likely says "Yeah Buddy"

Rolling like a big shot,
chevy tuned up like a Nascar pit stop
Fresh paint job [check]
Fresh inside [check]
Is the outside frame in the trunk wide? [yes]
Are the rims big [what]
Do it ride good [good]
Lean back right hand on the pinewood.

-It would be no surprise if Carl did roll like a big shot in a nice whip with all the above things pimped out in his ride. We all know that CC does in fact "ride good" on the baseball diamond because of his high stolen bases and great catches in the outfield.

Cream on the inside
Clean on the outside
Cream on the inside
Clean on the outside
Cream on the inside
Clean on the outside
Ice, ice cream, Ice cream paint job [x2]

-For those of you older people, you might not understand this chorus. In this the artist, Dorrough, is talking about his whip or car. The cream on the inside means he has a cream paint and cream leather. The clean on the outside means that he has it freshly painted and waxed out looking fresh like Will Smith’s ride in Summertime. I would believe that Carl has a sick whip with an Ice Cream Paint Job and maybe one that is murdered out, all black.


-"Whoo" is a common cheer when CC does something good, which is often. Carl is known for his excellent base stealing and fielding but he also occasionally shows the ladies what is up with a long ball.

Clean on the outside cream on the inside ice cream paint job.
Got screens on the dash watchin saved by the bell got a house by the

-Would it really shock anyone if Carl was watching the classic show "Saved by the Bell", which came out in 1989 when Carl would be around 8 years old, on his days off when he chilling in his house by the side of Tampa Bay?

yea I’m livin like that, and I’m ridin like that.
Boy I’m ridin like that and the sturring wheel wood like a baseball bat.
Just like Archie said We Ready. Whole cliques straight, lunatics like Nelly.

-This song is just telling us more how Carl lives his daily life. Most of you know the song "We Ready" by Archie Eversole, the clear reference in the above lines, and like the song says "We ready" Carl is in fact always ready for a game and any challenge whether it be robbing a home run or taking that extra base.

Gran Marquis paint job grape jelly, R triple BC big black box Chevy.
Crank my car, she be hummin, rims so big u can see me comin.
Prime time click, we get money, stay iced up like TV Johnny.

-TV Johnny is a famous jeweler and Carl probably wants to rock a little bit of ice while he riding in his sweet whip. Can anyone blame him?

Repeat of chorus


I’m live, I’m live like a super bowl kickoff,
my slab got a lot of {homies} pissed off.
Paint shine like lip gloss, Cadillac got a wide body like Rick Ross.
Took time but my cash got right, if I want it ima buy it I don’t ask no price.
Rear view mirror, Jumbo dice, trunk hit hard like KIMBO SLICE.
Be around tint no window light, car ride smooth so the rims are white.
That right thur see see I like. Got the top notch slab for da dirt cheap price.

-The above lines are a great example of the connection to Carl. The line "car ride smooth so the rims are white" is true in the sense that Carl is so smooth out there that his white sneaks don’t get dirty even though he moving so fast. The line "that right thur SEE SEE I like" is an obvious shout out to Carl. Dorrough, the rapper of the song, is from Dallas, Texas while Carl is from Houston, Texas. This line is obviously intended to be a shout out to "CC", Dorrough’s fellow native of the state of Texas and Dorrough is approving of Carl’s great ability on the field and how he enjoys watching him play ball. The Kimbo Slice reference is actually talking about Carl’s hitting ability since he hits the ball so hard it’s like a punch from Kimbo Slice.

Press one button called automatic start.
Stand too close car alarm might bark. Like what?
Roof! Roof!, Like Q-dogs, prime time click make it move like Uhaul.

-It doesn’t take long for Carl to get into the game, he is the second batter in the line up the majority of the time, you could almost says he has an "automatic start." Now though you don’t want to stand too close to him because CC is protective of his people just like a car alarm protecting the contents of a car. Need I remind you of when Carl’s finger defeated Victor Martinez? I believe it would be correct to say that just like the Wu-Tang Clan Carl Crawford isn't nothing to mess with.



I ride with a towel cuz the candy paint wet.
Rims on the Ride got these {haters} upset.
Rims sit high so I ride upset. 6 12's in the trunk 4 screens in the deck [x2]

-Carl rides with a wrist brace when he on the base path. He has this because the opponents are jealous of his amazing speed and sometimes take cheap shots at him. No worries though cause CC is always riding high and he uses their hate to fuel the fire to be the player he is.

I ride, I ride, I ride, I ride, I ride, I ride, Lets ride

I ride, propped up, I ride, propped up, I ride, say bro, lets ride, lets ride

-You could say we are all just taking a ride when it comes to watching Carl Crawford play the game of baseball because of his beauty and grace on the diamond.






Special thanks to Dorrough.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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