The Greatest (Devil) Rays to ever wear... #59

To clear up some apparent confusion, we are not voting on how good the player was a whole. We are voting on how good the player was while wearing the particular number. It's your vote, you can vote however you like.

The only rules for this poll are two really:

1. The player has to wear the number in the regular season.

2. Coaches are not involved, only players are and managers. So, don't get upset if I don't include Don Zimmer, Bobby Ramos, or Tom Foley.

There are numbers that shall be uncontested:

#98- Jae Soe

#97- Joe Beimel

#80- Julio Santana

#71- Damian Rolls

#70- Joe Maddon(Manager)

#68- Ruddy Lugo

#63- Jim "The Rookie" Morris

#42- Jackie Robinson (Retired by the MLB, various players have worn "42" for Jackie Robinson day.)

#12- Wade Boggs (Retired)


 Voted by

#61- Travis Phelps (95% of the votes)

#60- Jonny Gomes(61% of the votes)

Today we discuss #59:

The Canidates:

Mickey Callaway(1999,2001), Jorge Sosa(2002-2004), Jose Bautista(2004), Jorge Cantu(2004-2007), Shawn Camp(2006-2007), and Dale Thayer(2009)

Mickey Callaway was originally drafted by the Devil Rays back in 7th round of the 1996 draft. Had two stints with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, one in 1999 and one in 2001. In 2001, when he wore the #59, he pitched in two games earning him a ERA of 7.20 in 5 innings of work.

Jorge Sosa was originally signed as a free agent in1995 by the Colorado Rockies in 1995. Jorge Sosa would bounce around due to minor league drafts to the Seattle Mariners and then the Milwaukee Brewers before the Tampa Devil Rays would pick up Sosa off of waivers. Sosa would wear the number 59 for two seasons where he would pitch in 60 games and earned 7 wins while striking out  120 batters over 228 innings of work.

Jose Bautista was picked on waivers in 2004 by the Devil Rays and was sold to the Kansas City Royals only 25 days later. While with the Devil Rays, Bautista played in games where he played in left field, right field, third base, and DH. While with the D-Rays Bautista only amassed two hits over 12 at-bats accumulating a .167 batting average.

Jorge Cantu was originally signed by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays as an amateur free agent in 1998. he made his major league debut in 2004 where he amassed 2HR, 17rbi, and a .301 average over 50 games of work.

Shawn Camp was picked up the Devil Rays as free agent in 2006. He pitched in 125 games where earned 7 wins over 115 innings pitched.

Dale Thayer was received by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays along with Evan Meek in a deal for Russell Branyan in 2007. Thayer made his debut for the Rays in 2009 where played in 11 games, earning 1 save and amassing a 4.61 ERA.

So, I turn to you Rays fans. Who was, to date, the greatest player ever to wear the #59?

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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