Bright Spots: All-Time (Devil) Rays Team... Second Base

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All-Time (Devil) Rays Team as voted by the bloggers of Draysbay:

Catcher: Toby Hall (50% of the votes)

First Base: Carlos Pena (71 % of the votes)


What are the rules? A player HAS to have AT LEAST played 100 games for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or Rays. If you feel that a player has been left off of the poll unjustly, then make a case for him. All players who have taken the field for the (Devil) Rays will be mention, just not voted on.

Is this poll all about defense? No, not really. This poll is just about voting for your favorite catcher, shortstop, rightfielder...

Today, we'll reach up top and go for second base. Here is a list off all who have played for the Fighters off of 4th Ave.:

Miguel Cairo (1998-2000)

Aaron Ledesma (1998-1999)

Bobby Smith (1998-2002)

Dave Silvestri (1998)

Tony Graffanino (1999-2000)

David Lamb (1999)

Ozzie Guillen (2000)

Russ Johnson (2000-2002)

Brent Abernathy (2001-2003)

Damian Rolls (2000-2004)

Felix Martinez  (2000-2001)

Andy Sheets (2001-2002)

Felix Escalona (2002-2003)

Jason Smith (2002-2003)

Marlon Anderson (2003)

Antonio Perez (2003)

Terry Shumpert (2003)

Damian Easley (2003)

Rey Sanchez (2004)

Geoff Blum (2004)

Julio Lugo (2003-2006)

Jason Romano (2004)

Nick Green (2005-2006)

Fernando Cortez (2005)

Jorge Cantu (2004-2007) 

Tomas Perez (2006) 

B.J. Upton (2004,2006-2009)

Brendan Harris (2007)

Ty Wigginton  (2006-2007)

Josh Wilson (2007)

Jorge Velandia (2007)

Akinori Iwamura (2007-2009)

Willy Aybar (2008-2009)

Ben Zobrist (2006-2009)

Elliot Johnson (2008)

Joe Dillon (2009)

Reid Brignac (2008-2009)

The Candidates:

Miguel Cairo played 373 games at second base where he sported a .275 batting average and had 9 home runs.   

Brent Abernathy played 197 games at second base where he fronted a .251 batting average and had 7 home runs.

Marlon Anderson played 134 games at second base where he had a .270 batting average and hit 7 homeruns.

Jorge Cantu played 217 games at second base where he sported a .272 batting average. Cantu had 79 double (10th all-time in Rays history), 44 home runs (tied for 10th all-time in Rays, 200 RBIs (9th all-time in Rays history), and had slugging percentage of .448 (10th all-time in Rays history).

Akinori Iwamura played 220 games at second base. Iwamura had 201 runs (9th all-time in Rays history), 379 hits (10th all-time in Rays history), 21 triples (3rd all-time in Rays history), 152 BBs (10th all-time in Rays history), .354 OBP (9th all-time in Rays history), and batted .281 (tied for 9th all-time in Rays history).

So, Draysbay, I turn to you...

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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