The Greatest (Devil) Rays to Ever Wear... #8

Uncontested Numbers:

98- Jae Soe

97- Joe Beimel

80- Julio Santana

71- Damian Rolls

70- Joe Maddon(Manager)

68- Ruddy Lugo

63- Jim "The Rookie" Morris

62- Jeff Sparks

42- Jackie Robinson (Retired by the MLB)

12- Wade Boggs

6- John Flarherty


As voted by

61- Travis Phelps (95% of the votes)

60- Jonny Gomes (61% of the votes)

59- Jorge Cantu (71% of the votes)

58- Wade Davis (54% of the votes)

57- Scott Kazmir (93% of the votes)

56- Tim Corcoran (50% of the votes)

55- Toby Hall (80% of the votes)

54- Geremi Gonzalez (53% of the votes)

53- Chad Bradford (83% of the votes)

52- Al Reyes (77% of the votes)

51- Trever Miller (60% of the votes)

50- Grant Balfour (64% of the votes)

49- Tanyon Sturtze (37% of the votes)

48- Joe Borowski (85% of the votes)

47- Victor Zambrano (94% of the votes)

46- Bobby Seay (57% of the votes)

45- Jim Mecir (67% of the votes)

44- Toby Hall (91% of the votes)

43- Esteban Yan (60% of the votes)

41- Paul Wilson (45% of the votes)

40- Troy Percival (52% of the votes)

39- J.P. Howell (66% of the votes)

38-Lance Carter (55% of the votes)

37-Seth McClung (65% of the votes)

36-Edwin Jackson (96% of the votes)

35-Dan Wheeler (54% of the votes)

34-Jeff Niemann (77% of the votes)

33-James Shields (81% of the votes)

32- Albie Lopez (55% of the votes)

31- Jonny Gomes (95% of the votes)

30- Rolando Arrojo (48% of the votes)

29- Fred McGriff (97% of the votes)

28- Danys Baez (66% of the votes)

27- Damon Hollins (52% of the votes)

26- Scott Kazmir (70% of the votes)

25- Russ Johnson (85% of the votes)

24- Tino Martinez (60% of the votes)

23- Carlos Pena (92% of the votes)

22- Matt Garza (91% of the votes)

21- Ty Wigginton (51% of the votes)

20- Miguel Cairo (57% of the votes)

19- Scott Kazmir (50% of the votes)

18- Ben Zobrist (88% of the votes)

17- Joe Kennedy (88% of the votes)

16-Travis Lee (50% of the votes)

15- Cliff Floyd (75% of the votes)

14- David Price (67% of the votes)

13- Carl Crawford (94% of the votes)

11- Jason Tyner (37% of the votes)

10- (Still Pending)

9- (Still Pending)

Today, we'll discuss the number "8"

The Candidates:

Mike Difelice(1998-2001,2008), Crawford(2002), Marlon Anderson(2003), Jason Ramono(2004), Alex Gonzales(2005), Josh Paul(2006-2007), Jason Barlett(2008-2009),

Mike DiFelice played in 250 games where he had 198 hits,  42 doubles, 5 triples, 17 homeruns, 82 RBIs, and sported a .248 batting average. Defelice was traded by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays with Albie Lopez to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Nick Bierbrodt and Jason Conti in 2001.

Alex Gonzales played in 109 games where he had 94 hits, 20 doubles, 1 triple, 9 homeruns, 38 RBIs, and batted .269.

Marlon Anderson played in 145 games where he had 130 hits, 27 doubles, 3 triples, 6 homeruns, 67 RBIs, and batted .270.

Jason Ramono was traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Antonio Perez. While with the Devil Rays Ramono played for games where he had 1 hit and batted .125.

Carl Crawford  wore the number "8" in 2002 where he played 63 games and had had 67 hits, 11 doubles, 6 triples, 2 homeruns, 30 RBIs, and batted .259.

Josh Paul was traded by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Travis Schlichting. While with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Paul played in 93 games and had 58 hits, 12 doubles, 2 homeruns, 17 RBIs, and batted .231.

Jason Bartlett was traded by the Minnestota Twins along with Matt Garza and Eduardo Morlan for Brendan Harris, Delmon Young, and Jason Pridie. Jason Bartlett played in265 games where he had 290 hits, 54 doubles, 10 triples, 15 homeruns, 103 RBIs, 50 stolenbases, and batted .304.

So, Draysbay, I turn to you...

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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