Fangraphs Team Win Values - Week 3

Ok, so it hasn't been exactly a week, but who's counting.  This is the best chance I'll have to present this as I'm finally moving into my new place later today.  As you can see, with increased time between reports there has been much change throughout the rankings.  In the last report I mentioned that as we go along, much of the variation (i.e. Garza's sick start, Evan going bananas) will be smoothed out.  This has started to happen a little I believe, so you are starting to see the way things really are, though still a ton of variation left to smooth.

Team Previous
Difference  Current
1 Blue Jays 2 1  $  43.30 $16.20 $27.10
2 Dodgers 1 -1  $  36.80 $14.50 $22.30
3 Cardinals 3 0  $  35.70 $14.80 $20.90
4 Rays 10 6  $  35.60 $10.70 $24.90
5 Royals 4 -1  $  32.20 $21.30 $10.90
6 Yankees 16 10  $  30.50 $8.90 $21.60
7 Red Sox 14 7  $  29.90 $13.40 $16.50
8 Braves 12 4  $  28.50 $19.30 $9.20
9 Mariners 6 -3  $  25.50 $18.90 $6.60
10 Brewers 22 12  $  25.40 $8.30 $17.10
11 Rangers 9 -2  $  24.90 $6.00 $18.90
12 Twins 19 7  $  23.50 $13.50 $10.00
13 Tigers 7 -6  $  22.10 $10.10 $12.00
14 White Sox 11 -3  $  21.50 $16.20 $5.30
15 Angels 23 8  $  21.40 $10.90 $10.50
16 Mets 8 -8  $  20.60 $9.40 $11.20
17 Indians 15 -2  $  20.20 $4.50 $15.70
18 Padres 13 -5  $  20.00 $5.50 $14.50
19 Pirates 17 -2  $  18.40 $4.80 $13.60
20 Marlins 5 -15  $  17.20 $11.20 $6.00
21 Diamondbacks 29 8  $  16.60 $15.40 $1.20
22 Giants 28 6  $  16.60 $13.20 $3.40
23 Phillies 20 -3  $  15.40 ($2.60) $18.00
24 Astros 21 -3  $  13.50 $7.40 $6.10
25 Cubs 18 -7  $  12.50 $6.50 $6.00
26 Reds 25 -1  $  12.30 $9.00 $3.30
27 Rockies 27 0  $  12.00 $4.90 $7.10
28 Orioles 24 -4  $  10.90 $3.50 $7.40
29 Nationals 30 1  $    9.80 ($2.50) $12.30
30 Athletics 26 -4  $    7.40 $9.40 ($2.00)



The biggest drop was the Marlins going from 5th in week 2 to 20th in week 3 (from now on week 3 will mean an arbitrary value that comes after 2 and before 4).  The Fish aare still pitching about the same, but their hitting, and especially their fielding, have really hit the skids.  In week 2 they were worth $9.10 positionally, while week 3 had them at $6.00.  On the other side of the ledger we have the Yankees and Brewers both exhibiting double-digit increases to climb into the top-10 of these rankings. 

The Yankees may have spent a ton of cashish on pitching, but they are still only around $8.90, which is almost a 5 dollar footlong increase over the last report, but still only has them 19th.  The ground they made up came from their brand new launchingbandboxpad.  They literally shot up $13 from the previous report in positional dollars going from 9th to 4th in the process, even as their fielding values went from -4.2 to -5.3. 

Billy Brewer has good reason to raise a mug and pour it down his creepy, muppet-like face.  The Brewers went form 22nd to 10th over this period by generally playing better.  Their improvement across the board can probably be attributed to Mike Cameron's silly start that has him in the top-5 of NL players.  Yeah, top-5 among all of them.  It also looks like this kid named Braun is starting to get it going.  Maybe you've heard of him, plays with half a mitt so he can carry twice the bat.  Either way the Brewers are now 8th in total positional value, and obytheway, they are now second in fielding value.  As we have seen with the Marlins in the negative, and the BeerMakers in the positive, anytime you see a drastic change in position, check out the defense.  Guess who're they're behind.

Now, for the reason you come to this kick ass site.  The Rays currently sit second in positional value.  This is helped by their incredible Fielding value of 13.9.  No one else is even close, seriously, check it out:


The Rangers new-found commitment to defense is something that I touched on last week.  Nelson Cruz (CRUZZZZZ 6.1!!!), Davis, Kinsler, and Hamilton all have UZR's over 2.  As for us, right now Gabe Gross has a UZR of 3.8, Longo is at 2.8, then we have Zobie, Kappy, Barty, Losy, Beejy, and Carly at 1

The batting values have us as 6th, but I think we all know why since it's boom or bust up in this piece lately. 

Blue Jays
Red Sox

When are the Blue Jays going to stop hitting?  Ever?  The Cards have quietly put together a real good season so far.  With Pujols and friends hitting and pitching pretty consistently, they have been in the top-5 all season.  So the Rays went from 10.1 and 6.2 values in week two for batting and fielding, respectively, to 15.6 and 13.9, respectively.  How's about the pitching.

Currently, we are 14th in total pitching.  We are 14th in Starting values and 11th in Relieving values.  The A's have a serious bullpen over there at 12.1.

Red Sox
White Sox
Blue Jays

Another thing that the Jays are good at.  The Braves kind of surprised me here as, I think it's no secret how good the Sox'esesss' are.  As for the starters, the Royals are still leading the pack, as they have all season. 

White Sox

Ozzie Guillen has always been one of my favorite managers, due to his ability, to take the heat off his players, and have fun playing a kids game.  Most people think of the White Sox as a bunch of old, slow guys that hit dingers and that's about it.  Well, one of the staples during Ozzie's reign has been quietly good pitching.  I've never seen him commended for it, and maybe they burn through guys, but they always get it done.  Off the top of my head, one of the nuggets in the latest Goldmind (Thanks Dickie), was that the White Sox have had 5 guys get 30 starts for the entire time Ozzie has been there.  That last part is where it gets fuzzy and the book is boxed up somewhere, so if anyone else has a copy feel free to correct me.

That's about all that I've got for ya'll right now.  In roughly a week I hope to bring you the latest installment.  For now, you can download the workbook HERE  Please feel free to do your own sorts or see what else you can find that I missed.

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