Maddon's Pre-game Thoughts

On Evan Longoria’s sore hamstring:
“It’s much better than we anticipate, and it’s truly day-to-day.  He felt a lot better than yesterday, so it’s very encouraging.  I normally see the glass half full, but it sounded a little bit half-empty.  We may save him until New York and give him two full days and then move him on to the regular turf.  We’re just being very cautious.”

On Longoria’s shoulder, which is receiving extra rest now:
“Maybe his arm needed more rest than I knew, but his arm is fine.  He’s playing catch, and we’ll give him a couple of days extra rest and come back stronger than ever.”

On the play of Matt Joyce:
“I’m a big believer in him, and I think he is going to be a very good Major League Baseball player.  What you are seeing offensively right now does not surprise me.  His hands are exceptional, and the ball comes off the bat hot.  I saw that in Spring Training, and I saw that in batting practice.  He’s got a nice, easy rhythm and I like how he moves on the field.”

On today’s starter Jeff Neimann:
“He’s gotten progressively better.  We had some moments early on, and we were more concerned with his demeanor during the course of the game.  He’s been able to control his emotions better.  But like a lot of young players, you just wait for them to be able to handle the moment in a more mature manner.

On the continuing progress of Scott Kazmir, and last season’s injuries affect on this season:
“He picked up a lot of bad habits [coming back from last year].  You just don’t know how it happens sometimes, and it feels right, but it’s wrong, and then it just kind of snowballs in a negative direction.  When the leg started hurting, we just backed off and broke it down, and I believe we got to the root of some issues.  It happens when you come back from injury, sometimes it could be a good thing, but sometimes you may come back and forget what you had been doing.  We’re at the point now where we’re pointing back in the right direction.”

On Jason Bartlett and his injured ankle:
“It’s still sore, but he’s getting better.  There is no definitive insight on the finish line with him, but on a daily basis, the ankle is feeling a little less sore.”

On Reid Brignac and his play this year compare to his brief stint last season:
“He’s got a lot of self confidence, and he’s one of those guys that truly visualized himself playing in the big leagues for many years, and I like that. He believes he belongs here, and you are seeing him more comfortable.  We always talk about when a guy shows up for a little bit and then he goes back, we mention that down the road, it’s going to be beneficial.”

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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