OTTOTD: 7/22

Sometime last week, the idea of a thread dedicated to our off-topic blatherings came up, and I was asked to look into managing it.  After being threatened with weeks and weeks of nonstop coverage on the life and stylings of Miley Cyrus careful consideration, I decided I would go ahead and take a shot at it.  The format will be pretty simple: I'll post a few different topics to get things started, and you guys will completely ignore those topics and proceed to make dick and fart jokes.  If this tends to start rolling, I (or someone) will do it everyday, otherwise, we'll just go back to rampaging through every thread on every topic and talk about whatever the hell we want.

Feel free to treat this as a 'GDT lite.'  Topics after the jump.

The Rays are chasing a new team at the top of the wild card standings.  The Yankees have overtaken the Red Sox and now sit atop the AL East, with Boston now leading the wild card standings, and the gap being reduced to 3.5 games.  Texas is still meddling around, but assuming all things stay the same, the Rays get them at home near the end of August and can put them away for good.

Road trip so far: 4-1 with 5 to go.  None of the wins have been pretty, but winning ugly on the road is a hell of a lot better then losing on the road, no matter how you do it. 

Pat Burrell has been taking basepath running lessons from Gabe Kapler and BJ Upton.  Why he broke for 2nd on that sac fly, I don't know; but damn, that was stupid.  It didn't matter, but a man on 3rd with 1 out could have resulted in another run.

Remember Julio Castillo?  Last year + 2 days ago, the Cubs minor leaguer showed off his blazing fastball by firing it into the face of a fan.  His trial on felonious assault began earlier this week.

Who signs Michael Vick?  Who really cares, as long as it isn't your team?

I hate Verizon.  They screwed with me on a phone contract when I had them as a service provider, and they ripped my parents off on their DSL service for nearly 2 years before I went over there to help my father troubleshoot a network issue and discovered they were intentionally under-delivering on their service.  That being said, this guy is my hero.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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