Random Thoughts While Watching the Rays

Steve Duemig:  I haven't listened to him in weeks and don't plan to.  Duemig suffers from megalomania and other afflictions of the self-absorbed adversarial talkshow host.  These guys are the Misery that loves company so they can abuse them.  :-)


Rays TV announcers:  outstanding shills for an organization that is fun to watch in the growth years.  But, they are a reason I don't attend more games.  It's cheaper and easier and a better view with intelligent interpretation at home.


I've been to a good number of major league baseball games in various stadiums around the country and my first two seasons in Tampa I made it several times each season.


This season I haven't attended at all.


Tampa Bay is ahead 1-0 in the second inning against Roy Halladay who had a bad outing his last outing.    The Rays are coming off two bottom-of-the-last-inning wins on timely hits from Burrell and Zobrist.


Zobrist is the Rays MVP this season so far.


Bartlett is on again, having a great offensive, base-stealing season.  I see that the Rays are 4.5 out in the Wild Card race,  according to DRaysBay today and that makes me happy.


Not sure what's happened to major league pitching the past week or so, but I saw that the Phillies scored 22 runs in a game and I see that Harden pitched the worst game of his career....while Halladay is struggling....last night the Rays got Kazmir 9 runs and it still wasn't enough because the Jays tied it at 9 and Zobrist had to drive in the tenth run for the win:  that's 19 runs in one Major League baseball game and this is against top pitching.

Not that Kazmir really qualifies, in my book, as a top pitcher, but he is considered that, but, consider that the Rays announcers were bragging on the three late inning guys, beginning with Balfour, not giving up a run in 37 Balfour proceeds to open the door and by the time this top relief corps is done, the game is tied.


Must be something in the air.  Aardsma, who's been lights out this season got blown up in relief yesterday and Papelbon, perpetually lights out,  had terrible stats although he (barely) got the save.

Is it some July swoon?  Is there something about the weather?  Is there an alignment of stars, sun, moon, planets I don't know about?

Something weird is afflicting pitchers.

In one of my top fantasy leagues I traded for Jake Peavy...he pitched one good game for me and then went down, maybe for the season.

Lincecum got off to a rough start this season, but now is where he should be.  Barry Zito is making something of a comeback.

Liriano, Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, on the other hand......disasters, shaky, really rough so far. 

But, I guess it's the same every year with pitchers:  they disappoint more than they "appoint", haha.

Just seems this last week has been a pitcher's nightmare for a lot of really top-rated pitchers.

Well I blogged through the 3rd inning....

More Random Thoughts later.....

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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