The SternFan Chronicles: Best Road Trip Ever

 When we last left kericr's hero, the Rays had gone 3-3 on a homestand against the Orioles and Yankees. They were about to embark on a magical roadtrip against the O's, Red Sox, and White Sox that would set the table for the season.


4/13 Matt Garza & Carl Crawford Lead Rays to 5-1 Victory over Orioles (4-3)

Garza '09 gets knocked out in the 3rd. That's the difference in him so far, he's coming of age. Guthrie had a better FIP last night than Garza. I'm beggining to lose some faith in it as the end all. If you look at the top FIP leaders in the AL last year, they all had good seasons. However some average FIPs also had arguably good seasons too.


4/14 Despite Bullpen Malfunction, Rays Beats Orioles 8-6 in 10 Innings (5-3)

While it was mentioned to me the the HR was never a problem for Choatea closser look reveals he's now given up 11 HR in a career that began in 2000. However 6 of those have occurred since the start of the '09 season. Let's not forget much of his "success" came in the offensively challenged NLW. Scott's HR may have a positive affect though. It may make Joe think twice anout always trying to match up, when Wheeler was doing fine. I'm sick of him using 3 & 4 pitchers to get three outs.It doesn't appear to be long for the rug to be pulled from out from under PTB. I'd like to see StB get some more ABs before he gets sent down. It may prove advantageously for us.


4/14 Tampa Bay Rays Body Baltimore From Wire to Wire (6-3)

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4/18 Pat Burrell, James Shields Lead Rays in Romping of Red Sox (End of game 1 and all of game 2) (8-3)

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4.18 Rays Ream Red Sox in Rain, Raise Record to 9-3  (9-3)

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4/19 Rays Sweep Four-Game Set In Fenway Park; Ride 7-Game Win Streak (10-3)

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4/21 Road Winning Streak Ends, Rays Fall to ChiSox 4-1 (10-4)

For a team built on high OBP hitters, we sure don't seem to be having much plate discipline. 46 BB amd a 311 OBP??? Bring back Henderson.  I'm very dissapointed in the offense. Sure they are scoring some runs when they get the HR, but i don't see them working counts and taking the BB especially Bartlett, Zobrist and Upton. And kudos to Grant Balfour--he appears at least for the present, back to 2008.


4/22 Rays Blow Out White Sox, Improve to 8-1 on Road (11-4)

Huge huge win for so many reasons. Sean needs to play as i've stated all along.For me he's the RF option v LHP. He needs consistent ABs. Somehow he needs to play so we can maybe realize the ceiling this kid has demonstrated in his minor league career. Shields needs to keep the ball in the park for a change.

4/23 Rays Clinch Best Road Trip In Franchise History With 10-2 Win over White Sox (12-4)

Shields hung in there like a champ. How about the two BB Los drew off Peavy? Were those not two of the best ABs you've ever seen? I was more impressed with those two walks then a HR. The plate discipline the last two games has really stepped up.

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