The Rays have a shot this year

Over the past few years they have been underdogs but they've been gettin it done with less then half the payroll. Thus year it should be possible again with Maddon






Davis/Niemann- I prefer Davis b/c the other guy should be the closer since were cheap and don't want to pay for a real closer(jenks) and I think Niemann at 6'9 would be intimidating in the 9th and he has more experience

Bullpen -many options still










Cabral-( and I say why not just try Moore. Fu@K it if your going cheap and going to take a chance on this guy why not see what Moore does against big league hitters in spring training I would of picked him if he was rule v eligible)

Doubt anyone really thinks Balfour is worth a 1st round pick unless the yanks or r sox do it just to screw us so we can get him back

Farnsworth (if they show promos of him spearing batters might be able to sell some more tickets)


Jaso/Shoppach-I really don't like Shoppach but we won the division with this combo last year


Dan Johnson-If hes full time I can see 25-30 HR's with a good amount of RBI's and a .199 avg which seems familiar


Zobrist-Hopefully he can have another big year even if he doesn't we made it last year with him struggling


Brignac-Doubt he'll blow his chance to be a regular


Longoria-I just expect another MVP caliber year


I say Upton and Joyce are givens then let Jennings, Perez, Ruggiano, Anderson, Rodriguez, and Baldelli compete.(There should be some kind of adequate production and Yes I think this would be a good time to let Baldelli try to contribute somthing hes not even 30 yet and like I said were going very cheap)

I'd like to see them bring back Aybar and I think Ankiel (under the radar) would be a good fit but I'm form STL so maybe Im just a fan


This is where they should spend their money(besides bringing Balfour back) Thome, Ramirez , or Andruw Jones

I really think since we lost out on Jenks, we could get Balfour and a Dh for 10-15mil.  I dont think they should firesale for prospects cuz by the time those prospects develop Longoria,Price and whoever else will be going to Boston for more money.  Then it will be another decade of last place finishes and top 3 draft picks before we win again.  Like I said Im from stl and Im use to seeing our top prospects constantly get shipped away but we compete every year.

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