Rays Community Prospect #9

With 57% of the votes, Colome is elected the eigth prospect. For this poll, I am going to leave it up two days to get more votes.


1. Jeremy Hellickson (84%)

2. Desmond Jennings (50%)

3. Matt Moore (100%)

4. Jake McGee (74%)

5. Alex Torres (55%)

6. Alex Cobb (65%)

7. Tim Beckham (41%)

8. Alex Colome (57%)

Contender Pool: Nick Barnese, Wilking Rodriguez, Josh Sale, Jake Thompson, Enny Romero, Joseph Cruz, and Drew Vettleson.

Tester Pool: Ryan Brett, Tyler Bortnick, Luke Bailey, and Juston O'Conner.

Josh Sale: I am sure we have all seen the glowing reports on his bat. The best HS bat, Sale's main problem is his speed/defense although he should be an average defender. He was considered a great pick by the Rays. BA says that he has tremendous bat speed and an excellent feel for the strike zone.

Nick Barnese: Barnesepitched in A+ as a 21 year old. He uses a low to mid 90s fastball with crazy movement. I don't have much info from this past year, but reported that in 2009 he had a slurve and a change, which were both above average. I only saw a few of his starts and am no scout, but they both appeared to be average at some times while plus at others. Injuries are an issue.

Wilking Rodriguez: Signed out of Venezuela in 2007, Rodriguez is a polished pitcher compared to many other international signees. He has good control and limits walks. His fastball is an above average pitch that sits in the low 90's and can hit 96-97 if needed. He has a curve that he goes to alot, and has a usable change-up. THe curve is potentially plus. The main problem for him is if he can get more strikeouts or give up fewer hits. He hasn't been hit hard, but the hit rates are a little worrying.

Jake Thompson: Thompson was taken by the Rays in the second round of this years draft. He works off of a low to mid 90's fastball that has some good movement (plus pitch). Pre-draft reports said his clider and change needed work, but after his season, they were reported to be much better. His slider/curve has a good chance to be plus as does his change if he uses it more. After tearing up in Hudson Valley, the Rays very aggresively promoted him to A+ where he dominated in his short stint. This quick advance to A+ at only age 20 is a testimony to the Rays faith in his abilities. Will start the year in A+ and could see AA near the end of the year.

Joseph Cruz: Throws strikes and limits hits. Of course, this very much could change as he moves up to AA. His fastball sits at 92-94 although I have seen him hit 97 before. His curve (from what I have seen). I can't find much other scouting, but I can tell you from the several times I have seen him that his offspeed stuff needs work. His curve is too loopy and inconsistent and his changeup is below average. I am not sure how he did that well for his stuff, but he did. He did throw his offspeed stuff quite enough though, which kept hitters off balance. This in turn made his fastball better.

Enny Romero: As a 19 year old out of the Dominican Republic, Enny Romero dominated this year as his stuff advanced. He dominated in Princeton with an ERA in the 1's while even lowering it in the short time he was in Hudson Valley. As far as stuff, he has a mid-90's fastball (BA) and a good/potential plus curve (BA). I have also heard from people who have seen him that he has a changeup. He just needs to keep on progressing.

Drew Vettleson: The Rays third pick (supplemental first round) of 2010, Vettlson is a polished good all around bat. Unlike Sale, he should hit for an average while providing at least average power. Andy Seiler had this to say: "His combination of power, hitting ability, and arm strength make him a potential starting right fielder at the next level. His hit tool is above-average, and when combined with plus raw power, he’s a legitimate hitting threat. He’s quite selective at the plate, and like Sale, he’s quite an advanced hitter for his age, which is exceptional considering their geography." He has yet to play a professional game. I would like to point our though that he did exceptionally well at the showcase curuit against some of the best pitchers in the draft.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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