Stone Crabs v. Flying Tigers 5/10/10

I just got back from the game, and it was not impressive from a defensive standpoint for the Stone Crabs.

Tim Beckham missed an easy infield pop-up that wasn't ruled an infield fly, but it should have been. This wouldn't be his only error of the night. He bobbled a simple ground ball that was not hit that hard at him. He could have helped turn a double play if he would have fielded the ball cleanly.  

I will throw out some positives on him. He has a great arm and great speed, but you probably already knew that. Beckham did take a walk and then stole a base. He's a raw and unpolished prospect and I wouldn't worry about him because of a previous FanPost.

Matt Sweeney's range is limited, he's slow and he swung at a bunch of bad pitches tonight. This Website emphasizes small sample sizes so take the "swung at bad pitches" lightly. He did swing at a fastball that hit the dirt before the batter's box. I haven't seen a swinging strikeout look that bad since I went to see Michael Jordan play for the White Sox. Sweeney missed a slow roller down the third base line. It seemed to be a combination of his range and getting a late jump on the ball. Sweeney's first error happened when he bobbled a ball that was hit directly at him and it didn't take a bad hop. The second error was a throwing error to Anderson at first.

Sweeney was one of the players that I was the most excited to see (besides Beckham), but I was incredibly disappointed. I hope I'm wrong about Sweeney and someone posts something that disagrees with what I saw. Granted, Sweeney will never be asked to play third base, unless Longoria gets an off day or gets injured. Sweeney does have a powerful swing and so does Henry Wrigley.

Wrigley had a home run that was hit off of an off-speed pitch that stayed up. Wrigley didn't even get all of the ball to get it out of the park. It was like when Longoria has one of those hits that surprises you when the ball just keeps carrying and goes out of the park.

Leslie Anderson has a great glove at first base. I know this is going to sound too general, but he seems the most polished out of all the Stone Crabs. Yes, I know he's 28 years old and the rest of the team is mainly in their early 20s. Anderson had two strikeouts looking, but the last pitch of his first plate appearance was well off of the plate. I hate it when fans judge from the stands, but this ball was clearly off of the plate. His next at bat went the same way. Maybe, he shouldn't have argued so much after the first at bat. The strikeouts weren't bad because some of the pitches were borderline strikes at best. He reached on a fielding error that would have been extremely close at first if it wasn't an error. In his last at-bat, he ripped one to first that was fielded well by Rawley Bishop.

Isaias Velasquez has Joey Gathright/CarlCrawford speed and gets out of the box just as quickly. After he made a catch in center field, he made a nice throw to Sweeney to get out Daniel Fields, who is a quick runner. 

Josh Satow was impressive with his location. His velocity peaked at 88 mph and was clocked in the low 70s on a few pitches. He pitched two effective innings and didn't allow a baserunner.

A bunch of scouts were sitting around me and seemed to be there to evaluate Charles Furbush of the Flying Tigers. Furbush was impressive with his 13 strikeouts. He threw fastballs primarily and his fastball velocity peaked at 92 mph and remained in the low 90s. There were only a handful of off-speed pitches thrown by him. He probably would have won if it weren't for Henry Wrigley's home run.

This is obviously not a scout worthy report, but I just wanted to write about my observations. If I saw Brian Fuentes for the first time tonight, I would say he has a delivery worse than Tim Tebow with a velocity that is worse than Johnny Damon's (kidding). Take this for what it's worth and try to make it out to a minor league game because it's fun and really cheap. It was $5 to sit behind home-plate and parking is free, kind of like how Tropicana Field used to be. haha..

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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