Rays' Offense Falls Flat In 2-1 Loss To Padres

It's hard to know where to begin these days, so lets just go with the basics.

-The Rays opened their home stand with a loss. Their fifth in six games.

-Wade Davis was not good. After back to back encouraging starts the rookie right hander lasted only 4.1 IP tonight while walking 5 and striking out just 1. In his three previous June outings Davis had struck out 15 men while walking 1. Outside of Adrian Gonzalez the Padres' lineup is very non-threatening, yet Davis failed to challenge hitters by attacking the strike zone. Yes, there were some bad calls made against him, but you're not going to get the benefit of the doubt when you seemingly have no idea where the plate is. I agree with Tommy, Davis' bad starts were a lot less noticeable when the other four starters were pitching great.


via www.brooksbaseball.net

-Mat Latos was very good. Can we check his ID to make sure he's really 22 years-old? Latos was nearly un-hittable, holding the Rays to three hits over 7IP while striking out 8 and walking 1; sort of like the anti-Davis on the night. He kept Rays batters off balance by beautifully mixing in his slider and change up. The slider was thrown 37 times and got 7 swinging strikes, the change up 17 times and 3 swinging strikes. I'd like to bottle up and sell whatever type of nastiness is oozing out of Mat Latos. I'd make a fortune.

-The Rays' 4-8 hitters went 0-for the game, with Carlos Pena's two walks representing the only times any of them even got on base. Tough to win while doing that.

-The fact that this team is still carrying three catchers AND Hank Blalock while Matt Joyce sits in the minors is insane. No, wait, it's criminal. Better yet, criminally insane. There is not one facet of the game in which Blalock is better than Joyce. Tonight, Jonah Keri proclaimed that he isn't shaving until Joyce is called up. I may have to join him in that crusade.

-Another excellent job by Andy Sonnanstine tonight. He pitched a perfect 2.1 innings to help keep the Rays in the game. Unusual for a reliever, Sonnanstine has thrown over 90 pitches in the past four days.

-The Rays run James Shields and Matt Garza out to the bump the next two games. I'm expecting both to have strong starts against such a weak lineup. If they don't, then I may start to worry a tad bit more than I am right now.

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