OTTOTD 1/19/11: The Rules of the Road Edition

I didn't have much to put here, but thankfully SBN makes it easy:

Rules of the Road

Please Actually Read This.

You will only be asked to accept these rules of the road once on the SB Nation network. To make sure we're all on the same page in the SB Nation family, everyone is being asked to accept these - moderators, authors, editors and blog managers. If you want to refer to the Rules of the Road they will always be available linked in the story editor, in the Dashboard on the 'Resources' tab or from your friendly neighborhood blog manager.

As a contributor and/or moderator to the SB Nation network, and as a condition of contributing to and/or moderating any site that is part of the SB Nation network, you agree to abide by the following Rules of the Road:

1. No racism, homophobia, sexism or any other kind of discriminatory language is permissible on the SB Nation network of websites.

2. Please limit any use of profanity, and especially don’t use it in headlines or above the jump on the front page. We understand that sports bring out passionate writing, but we’re trying to maintain a professional demeanor on our sites (especially in headlines).

3. SB Nation owns the websites on the SB Nation network, including all of the content (other than user-uploaded content such as comments, FanShots, and FanPosts). You assign to SB Nation (SportsBlogs, Inc.) all rights to any content that you create or contribute to that ends up published on the SB Nation network. You can use the content that you create on your personal blog or website, or in print projects such as books or calendars, at any time, preferably with credit (and links back) to SB Nation. You may be able to use the content in other contexts as well, as long as you get written permission from an SB Nation editor (email is fine). As long as your intended use isn't competitive with SB Nation, there shouldn't be any issue.

4. Content posted on the SB Nation network should be original, proofread and copy-edited (for spelling and grammar). You should not “borrow” content from any other source; any use of excerpts must be limited to short snippets that do not function as a substitute for reading the source and the source must be properly credited (including a hyperlink). If a third party gives you permission to publish its content, be sure to get the permission in writing.

5. Use of photos shall be limited to use of photos that appear in the SB Nation story editor tool, photos where you own the copyrights, or other properly licensed photos. Use of videos, GIF’s, or audio files shall be limited to content where you/SB Nation own(s) the copyrights or where SB Nation has properly licensed the content. If a third party gives you permission to publish its multimedia content, be sure to get the permission in writing. Any use of photos should be following the Photo Use Guidelines; any use of videos should be consistent with the Video Use Guidelines & FAQ’s; any use of podcasts and/or audio clips should be consistent with the FAQ’s re: Podcasts & Audio Clips. We would rather you not use any multimedia content at all than use a third party’s content without proper authorization.

6. When writing about people, be careful not to make false statements about them, particularly if they could be construed to be derogatory. If you are reporting the news and the subject of the story has been accused of a crime or of doing something unseemly, use terms such as “alleged” or “unconfirmed.”

7. To the extent that you contribute to other sites (as a user in comments or otherwise) and reveal your involvement with SB Nation, always follow these Rules of the Road and SB Nation community guidelines; try to avoid having anything you do reflect badly on SB Nation.

8. Anything you learn about SB Nation and its business plans or financials or anything else that might be confidential or proprietary to SB Nation should be treated as SB Nation’s “Confidential Information”; you should not share Confidential Information with anyone outside of SB Nation without explicit permission from an SB Nation senior executive.

9. Follow the SB Nation Blogger Best Practices when publishing content on the SB Nation network, and reference them often.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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