Comparing Mesoraco and Grandal

I've enjoyed reading articles that compare players, so I'll try that here. Over the past couple of weeks, after being asked who James Shields might be traded to this offseason, if traded at all, the community answered the Reds. After being asked who it would take to acquire the Rays righty, the community answered First Basemen Yonder Alonso and Devin Mesoraco/Yasmani Grandal, both Catchers. This trade would provide the Rays with more young talent while filling holes in the lineup. The question is, who would the Rays rather have out of the two Catcher prspects? Let the comparing begin!

Basic Attributes:

Hitting: Contact-Mesoraco, Discpline-Even, Power-Grandal. Edge-Mesoraco

Defensively: Grandal all-around.

ETA: Mesoraco is big-league ready, while Grandal will be ready in a couple of years.

Scouts say: Mesoraco is a better hitter than Grandal with solid defense, and Grandal is a btter defender.

Mesoraco is the #2 catching prospect, while Grandal is the 7th best, according to

From what we see here, Mesoraco has the higher value. However, if Mesoraco is untouchable this offseason, Grandal seems like a solid option, and the Rays should easily be able to squeeze out at least another player from the Reds. Of course, a Shields trade isn't a surefire thing. It all depends on if the Rays would rather build for the future or go for it this year. Personally, I would like to see a trade like this, so we can say dumb thing like "Don't Mess-oraco with Devin", and, "Watch Alonso hit the ball to Yonder scoreboard", but that's just my opinion. What do you think?

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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