OTTOTD 10-7-11  A/S/L?


Tyler has inspired me...

...along with a few other threads on here. 

Here is the deal. Some big girl sent me a message on POF, but as I was deleting it a pic catches my eye. 

I check it out and its a single mom of two kids. She is on a dating sight and is "super siked" about cosmetology school. Her listed profession is "dancer".

Was thinking about messaging her, but thought I could let tMB play along. Thoughts on how to start a conversation, other than a gif representing my wish to motorboat her?


Subject line Hi

I have to be perfectly honest with you my friend created this account for me and i have never even contacted anyone on here before. I never thought i would have an account on an online dating site, although I'm to the point now where i'm sick of dating girls I meet at the bars. I've never had trouble meeting people or getting a date but hoped this site would give me a chance to connect with someone i would otherwise never meet. Reading your profile I think we have a lot in common, if you are interested in getting to know each other a little better shoot me message. Hope you're having a great week.


You're welcome

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One more thing...add a small reference to something in her profile...then you are gold


Ok, because of all the confusion, I am trying to condense this down to one post. Feel free to reply to this when you create a new Troll. 

TylerSmyth gave the message board his golden pickup line to use. 

Nayat - Trolling women on POF as Himself in the Omaha Ne area.(started this thread)
MotorBoater - Trolling Men on POF as a Single Female (hotblondie2011 or Deb) in the Chicago area. 
TexasHorns806 - Set up his POF account, for Austin Tx Area - No pic yet
Dmanttu - Trolling women on POF as a College Guy in 
AtrainHusker - Trolling Women on POF as a ?Himself? in Kansas
Epicbret - Trolling Men on POF as some Guy trying to speak with Deb (Motorboater's) cast offs
CincinnatiUSC - Trolling Men/Women on POF as crispair2011, in the ___ Area. 
Volsfanstuckintx - Trolling Men on POF as "Jess", in the Dallas Area.
tarheel41 - Trolling Men on POF as "Katie"(thyhigh), in the Denver Area.

Damn this is getting confusing. If you have the info that I am missing, please fill it in.

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