Jeremy Hellickson Comes In Third In SB Nation ROY Voting

ST PETERSBURG, FL - OCTOBER 04: Pitcher Jeremy Hellickson #58 of the Tampa Bay Rays pitches against the Texas Rangers in Game Four of the American League Division Series at Tropicana Field on October 4, 2011 in St Petersburg, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

With the BBWAA Awards being announced next week, it's about time we revealed the results of the most important award voting in the land: the SBN Baseball Awards. We'll be revealing one award per day, in the order that they're released by the BBWAA. First up, the Rookie of the Year Award.

Jeremy Hellickson had a great rookie year, but his final 2.95 ERA was much more impressive than his peripherals suggested. SB Nation bloggers tend to be sabermetrically inclined, so I'm not surprised that Hellickson ended coming in third in the ROY voting behind Michael Pineda and Eric Hosmer. His 4.44 FIP and 4.72 SIERA suggested that Hellickson's ERA was unsustainably low, although there are plenty of reasons  to believe Hellickson improves his talent level next season.

It's also worth noting that Desmond Jennings came in 8th in the SBN voting, just one point behind Mark Trumbo. Now that's surprising, as I fully expect Trumbo to get lots of love in the actual BBWAA voting due to his 29 home runs and 87 RBIs. Apparently SBN voters simply couldn't overlook his .291 OBP, though.

Full results are below the jump.


Num Name 1st 2nd 3rd Total
1 Michael Pineda 9 4 3 60
2 Eric Hosmer 5 4 3 40
3 Jeremy Hellickson 4 5 4 39
4 Dustin Ackley 1 5 3 23
5 Ivan Nova 5 5 20
6 Alexi Ogando 2 1 13
7 Mark Trumbo 1 3 8
8 Desmond Jennings 1 2 7
9 Brett Lawrie 1 1 6


Num Name 1st 2nd 3rd Total
1 Craig Kimbrel 22 4 2 124
2 Danny Espinosa 4 6 8 46
3 Freddie Freeman 8 3 27
4 Vance Worley 1 5 3 23
5 Wilson Ramos 1 2 5 16
6 Brandon Beachy 1 4 7
7 Corey Luebke 1 3
8 Lucas Duda 1 3
9 Mark Melancon 1 1
10 Allen Craig 1 1
11 Kenley Jansen 1 1
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