Who Are Your Top 15 Current Rays?

Hey, I'm a little bored today, so I thought I would start a conversation. I guess you could say I got the idea from Imperialism's "So...Who Are Your Top 10 Prospects?". I will put together my top 15 current Rays players - without numbers, based on pure talent.  The reason I will rank 15 is so minor leaguers could be added into the mix. Remember, we aren't talking value at all here. Because of this you might see guys like Matt Moore pretty high and guys like Jeremy Hellickson a bit lower (this is all opinion).  Wow, this is tough.  Here goes:

1.  Evan Longoria:  I don't think there's any question on this one.

2.  David Price:  This guy is talented.

3.  James Shields  Not over powering stuff, but this guy is our ace.

4.  Matt Moore:  Too high?  Too low?  Could easily be #2 on the list I think.

5.  Jeremy Hellickson:  Had an awesome rookie year, even with a low-90's fastball.

6.  Desmond Jennings:  This guy just looked awesome last year.  He did slow down near the end

7.  B.J. Upton:  Great skills, just too many whiffs.  Had a great September.

8.  Ben Zobrist:  Would be higher if this list was based on value.

9.  Matt Joyce:  Showed plenty of power in 2011.

10.  Kyle Farnsworth:  Great year for Farnsy.

11.  Alex Cobb:  Put together a few nice starts as a part of the 6 man rotation.

12.  Alex Torres:  Pitched light-out against the Jays after Niemann left early.

13.  Wade Davis:  Had an off-year, still too early to pencil him in as a back-of-the-rotation guy.

14.  Brandon Guyer:  Needs an oppurtunity to play every day, played great in Durham.

15.  Jake McGee:  Maybe a bit too high, still has a nice fastball.

Honerable Mentions:

1.  Jeff Niemann:  Has great stuff, gets the job done when healthy.

2.  Chris Archer:  With no MLB experiance, I didn't dare put him higher.

3.  Joel Peralta:  Could be higher, got the job done in 2011.

4.  Brandon Gomes:  We've seen some potential out of him.

5.  Reid Brignac:  Hey, the guy is talented.  He just hasn't put it together yet.

I don't know, this thing could be changed in many, many ways.  Like I said, this is all opinion.  I'd like to see your list, and hopefully this post gets some attention with the FanPost list pretty slow.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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