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Education news stories are the best.


Posted by (dropnusa2012) on 03/16/2011 at 08:00 am.

First, make them brats in school wear uniforms espcially if these students are an example of the student population

Second, what class is this looks less then 15 people in the class room, they can put in another 5 to 7 students/

Third, make the studens set up and pay 

attention, one girl has her hand between her legs probably well you know

her black boyfriend next too her acts 

likes he rather be out doing drug deals.

one girl there is looking like she is 

half a sleep. the three little brats in tthe back needs to be up front so they ccan see what is happing.


Posted by (julezizcool) on 03/16/2011 at 08:41 am.

Here is the current situation and I really don't mean to slam anyone but the reality is this....

Liberalism and entitlement has ruined our school system. In one of my son's classes a kid told a teacher to eff off. The teacher told the kid to leave the classroom and he would not. He began to curse at the teacher until the teacher had enough and started yelling back at him. Mind you, the teacehr DID NOT curse but called the kid a miscreant and worthless. The kid threw a pencil at the teacher. The SRO entered the room and removed the student. The student's parents called the school and threatened a lawsuit. The teacher was given a two day cool down period from his classroom and the student was back the next day. His parents called his ations "unfortunate" but said he is allowed the freedom of speech and the confromtation by the teacher was too "aggressive".

By removing the ability to discipline these little heathens we have taken any authority that the teacher has away from them. Liberals want to remove, The Pledge of Alligance, Christmas, keeping score while playing games in gym class, recess, no touch football, can't play tag, dodgeball is played using nerf's so over the top it's not funny. Too many parents think that their children are "entitled" to an education. An education is something to be valued not a big industrial babysitting service! It's the liberalism of the parents that have broken the system.

That being said, I think it's ridiculous to keep cutting education budgets from the state! It's like they WANT to dumb down our children so they can go on govt assistance. How about this....

take the BILLIONS of dollars for high speed rail and fix the broken education system?

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