OTTOTD 4/12/11: Dead Before Anyone Was Awake


ST. PETERSBURG — It sounded like a good idea to George Grayson: Get $50 for submitting to a 12-minute videotaped beating by an attractive female.

A homeless man, Grayson needed the money.

So he followed the recruiters to a St. Petersburg townhouse on seven different occasions over the last few months, he said, and let five different women use his body and face as a punching bag.

Grayson, 37, became one of many St. Petersburg homeless men allegedly targeted by recruiters from, a locally operated website that sells for as much as $900 videos of scantily clad or semi-nude women beating up men, according to a lawsuit.




Previews of the videos describe scenarios such as, "This is the second part of Julie's domination beatdown of Army Guy. In this final part, she whips her biggest admirer with a crop, tramples him, puts him in bondage, spits on him, and totally humiliates and dominates him while also displaying her usual array of kicks and punches. This is a Julie very few have seen before."

In some of the featured clips, the women are topless. The site offers custom videos, made for the buyer's specifications, starting at $600.


The lawsuit filed against alleges that Shaw suffered broken ribs, a dislocated jaw, back injuries and a dislocated arm on two different visits to 73 16th St. S. Grayson, the suit says, sustained bruises and multiple lacerations.


Would you 'get the crap beaten out of you for money'?


Which DRB user's female self would most likely beat the crap out of homeless people?


What would you put in your custom $600 fetish video?


How many unfunny jokes will DRB User "Bruce Wilde" make towards me?


O/U 11 AM as to when EF goes on a power trip and bans someone?

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