OTTOTD for 7/28/2011: A DPIR Short 1.0

Okay DRB, so I went out with a few buddies last night and it was kind of eventful so I'm going to share my story with you all.

Alright, so we head out around 9:30, but of course we gotta get some pre-game fuel in us. We head to Burger King and I was charming the drive-thru girl. Apparantly my sweet-talking "made her night". I'm not going to lie, I was chattin her up pretty hardxcore. It's like this wave of confidence just came over me when I was at the drive-thru. So she came out to smoke with us and she was mirin' my bro in the backseat a lot. He was being a little puss though, so I was doing all the talking for him. I invited her out to the bar we were drinking at but she never came....oh well. Got some swagass Chicken Mini's while we were at BK though, so good.

Okay, so we got to Mickey Quinns around 10 and started drinking. Bishes didn't even card me so it felt pretty good man. I think we were drinking Harp or some shit, and it was actually pretty good. Never had it before so yea.....I liked it. Anyways, we go thru about 7 pitchers of that and then my bro starts ordering us shots of Johnny Vegas (wtf??). They were real fruity and sweet, so I wasn't really digging them. Got out of there at around 2 and my bro still wanted to drink so we went over to the other Mickey Quinns

We got there, but unfortunately for us, this one carded me and I was all FML. I told some bullshit excuse that I left my ID out in my car and never came back in. So we skipped that joint and went straight to our hangout, Steak n Shake (SWAG!!). Now the guy in there who works the late shift knows us pretty well by now since we always go in there usually drunk as hell or baked, so he's a pretty cool bro. We usually like to fuck around with him, and tonight was no exception.

So while we were in there, I start getting a little rowdy. When I'm drunk, I usually like to take my clothes off or flash my dick. I can't remember how we got on the subject but I we started talkin bout dicks I think and I started showing my shit to my friends. We got up to pay and some table in the back corner was noticing us and started making jokes about me or some shit, but I was too drunk to comprehend what they were saying so I was like fuck 'em. So then, I started flashing them my dicks. Now there's about 2 guys and 4 girls at this table. The one girl started fucking throwing ice at me but I was still too drunk to really know what was going on.

Okay, so now this is where the fun starts. We were outside and I was talkin to these 2 chicks and they were telling me to go flash my dick in front of the window where they were sitting. I was down for this, but then my boy suggested a better idea. He insisted that I go lay a fat steamy banana right on the window for them all to see. I couldn't do this alone, so I convinced him to do it with me. However, the girl at the table came out started talking shit to me saying it was rude to flash my dick in front of ladies. Now honestly, I didn't give a fuck if it was rude or not. I was drunk so I had an excuse. Things started to get a little out of control though, and the stupid bish sucker punched me right in the jaw.

I wasn't really sure what had happened at the time; it didn't startle me until about 10 seconds later when her boyfriend and his friend came rushing out to say that they didn't want a part of us. Now that this was happening, everything started to occur to me and I sobered up real quick and was about ready to whoop some ass. This rage that I never even felt before came over me so quick that I was about to fight her boyfriend or whatever. Luckily my bro was there in case I needed backup, cause there was like 2 of them and only 1 of me. Now I'm not the fighting type of guy, I'm usually a happy drunk. But goddamn, I never felt so disrespected in my life so this really pissed me off.

Anyhow, we didn't fight but I started uncontrollably punching my car in fucking anger (my hands a bit sore). One of my friends had some weed on them so I smoked a bowl with them to calm me down and walked around Walmart for a little. I was still pretty pissed, but there was nothing I could do about it now. I felt like they got the best of me. I should've fought her boyfriend or whatever to let them know I'm no joke. If my boy wasn't holding me back, shit would've got real.

Got back to my place around 4:30, passed out, and now I'm here, writing you all this. So I ask DRB, what would you have done if you got sucker punched by some dumb bish?

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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