dobber, SRQ and Suttree Visit the Trop: Round-table Chat Edition

Earlier today the two hobbits and a troll (I'll leave you to figure out who is who) ventured out from behind their computers and went to a Rays game.  Now, I know this concept is unfamiliar to most of you.  And normally I would agree... going outside is pretty risky.  But today was an exception. 

The day started off rather well.  I only got stuck in traffic for 20 minutes on I-4, making the 4 hour trek across the bridge only slightly more unbearable.   Once this was past me I went and met SRQ at a local business known as Fergs.  Suttree was supposed to meet us at the same time but was instead posting in the OTTOTD like a true Rays fan.  SRQ attempted to contact him but apparently was given the wrong phone number.  Yeah, you can imagine how thrilling this was... waiting for a guy that couldn't tell someone their correct phone number trying to meet for a major sporting event... just great.  Eventually SRQ and I decided to just say "fuck you" to sutty and go inside without him.  No less than 5 minutes later he's frantically calling us to be let in, forcing us to turn back from the long journey into the dome.  As we finally all managed to sit down, the only thing that immediately came to mind were the thousands of annoying children in the dome.  

During the game we occasionally took the time to discuss our opinions of what the Rays should do about key positional needs for 2012 and beyond.  Eventually a consensus was reached to do the following:


      • Move BJ Upton to 3B
      • Move Longo to SS
      • Zobrist/S-rod at 2B
      • Joyce at 1B
      • Guyer, Fuld, Jennings, Zobrist in RF and LF (mix and match)
      • Chirinos is backup SS and 2nd catcher

These roster moves will solve some of our most glaring defensive issues.  It allows us to take Upton's diminishing arm out of the OF, makes SS a team strength, and saves us a ton of money.  This saved money could then be used to get a real DH and make a run next year.  

The entire time we were discussing these key issues, Casey Kotchman was standing near first base doing his stretching routine.  I don't think I could adequately describe how hilarious he is out there.  Everyone else stands still or barely moves (seriously, S-rod stares at his glove in between pitches while Elliot Johnson just stands there doing absolutely nothing).  Kotchman won't have any of that.  He has to stay in motion doing his variety of stretching activities , this is clearly the secret to his batting average.  At the end of the game Kotchman spoke to a man that we could only assume to be Landlord that was seated above the dugout.  

Another topic of heated discussion was attendance.  If there weren't 9000 kids at the game the attendance would have been under 10k.  The team is clearly trying to suppress attendance to make their case for getting a new stadium.  This is evident from the total lack of ticket and food promotions.  Even more so by the total lack of promotions for people over the age of 14.  Yes, it should be a family experience... but kids aren't the only people that go.  

Finally, the three of us believe that George Hendrick should be mic'd up for every game.  The man is always laughing, he has to have great stories to tell.  Let them be heard!

As the day came to an end and I went to go figure out where I parked my car, the hobbits began a similar journey to their respective St Pete escape vehicles.  Seriously, who wants to stay in that shithole?  SRQ later reported that the two of them happened upon a guy trying to find stuff in the garbage cans.  I can only assume it was one of you monsters.  

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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