Post Draft Signing updated Prospect Rankings

I have decided to do up my top 30 prospects for the Rankings factoring in who signed and who has since graduated or will soon be graduating by the end of the year most likely (Mcgee, Jennings, Chirinos, Gomes). I am no expert by any means but do follow the minors pretty closely and at least have some idea of who these guys are. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree on some guys too high too low and feel free to discuss.

1. Matt Moore- Absolute beast, should be #2/3 Prospect in baseball coming into 2012
2. Hak Ju Lee- Has proven to be the center piece of the Garza trade, speed with some power as well as very good defense at a premium position. I still think he moves to CF at some point but projects as above average SS
3. Tim Beckham- The re-emergence, I am going aggresive on his ranking because I really like his ability to stick at SS. I think he is developing his gap to gap power and still has a lot of projection in his body and could develop even more pop.
4. Alex Torres- I still think he could be a #3 starter but I think his future is going to be in the pen with the Rays, imagine Craig Kimbrell/Billy Wagner type. He showed what he could do against the Yankees hitting upper 90's with good breaking stuff.
5. Taylor Guerreri- I'm usually not high on young guys that haven't played pro ball yet but he has good stuff and projects as a potential top of the rotation starter.
6. Chris Archer- Still has good stuff although has been way too hittable this year and still has command issues, I am not giving up yet but his leash is almost gone.
7. Mikie Mahtook- Should be the first impact player from the 2011 class, hopefully he gets a cup of coffee somewhere in the next couple weeks.
8. Alex Colome- Has been good since his call-up to AA, has good stuff and although the BB/K isn't great I like that he hasn't been hit that hard this year.
9. Oscar Hernandez- Yea I just went there, he gets bumped high because the potential is incredible. The floor is also extremely low, but no matter what league it is 17 year old Catchers that hit .400 with 20+ HR don't grow on trees.
10. Drew Vettleson- having a good first season, got off to a great start and has slowed down a bit but I still like the power/speed combination
11. CJ Riefenhauser- Had a big time breakout season in Bowling Green and has continued in Charlotte, will be interesting to see if he can have another big season next year as we hopefully get more reports on him
12. Derek Dietrich- Showing of great power in Bowling Green this year, Most think he will have to move off of SS but that is okay with the depth Rays have at that spot, hopefully 2B will be his destination if not 3B or LF it is
13. Tyler Goeddel- I like this kids power projection, assuming he can put on some good weight. Hopefully he can stick at 3B if not a move to LF is probably needed
14. Brandon Guyer- He should be able to help the majors next season, but I doubt he will ever be more than a 4th/5th OF. Has good speed/power combo though
15. Enny Romero- He hasn't had the breakout year many hoped for but has still put up decent K numbers, will need to work on command to move up this list.
16. Josh Sale- Not the start to his pro career many expected, Had some not so good reports from XST and has done nothing in Princeton
17. Tyler Bortnick- The guy on the short end of the stick, could be top 10 on this list if he could move up the system but has road blocks in front of him. I still like his ability to get on base and steal bases.
18. Grayson Garvin- Still not 100% sure I am a fan of this pick but hopefully he can be a starter, but I think he is destined out of the pen
19. Jake Thompson- While the ERA is nice in Charlotte again this year, for someone his age I would like to see more K's.
20. Jeff Malm- Power is nice, although I'd like to see him hit for a bit of a better average. Still would be nice if a 1B prospect could emerge.
21. Justin O'Conner- It is too early to completely give up on this kid but he, like Sale has not had an ideal start to his pro career
22. Cameron Seitzer- 2011 Draftee that bursted on to the scene hitting homers everywhere, like his power and pedigree.
23. Jason McEachern- I really like what he is doing in HV this year, the K/BB is very nice.
24. Kyle Lobstein- The return of an old friend, he is put up good numbers in Charlotte, and while it would be nice to get a few more K. I like his command.
25. Nick Barnese- The command isn't what I would like to see out of him and the lack of K's are concerning but he still has some back of the rotation potential.
26. Marquis Fleming- nearing 100 K this year out of the pen is nice, will be nice to see him in Durham next year and possibly the Rays pen by July 2012.
27. Matt Bush- Similar to Fleming, although still raw as a pitcher, has been striking everyone out lately. It will be interesting to see how the Rays promote him next year.
28. Joe Cruz- The injury really pushes him back as I along with many others were hoping for a huge season from him, hopefully he will come back strong.
29. Cole Figueroa- Got off to an awful start but has been hitting very well for the last 3-4 months and plays an excellant 2B. He is playing just well enough to keep Bortnick down.
30. Kyeong Kang- I was debating who to give this last spot too and Kang gets it in part to my recognition that I had given up on him. He still is a long shot to make a major league roster but he has had a very nice bounce back year in Monty. Will probably be the next Ruggiano.

I'm sure I forgot a name or two and had a hard time placing some of the guys from this years draft, I wanted to put guys like Hager and Eiermann in but I just haven't seen/read enough about them. Especially Eiermann should probably be somewhere in there but hopefully they will get full years in next year and we will have a better idea.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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