September Call Ups

We are now less than 2 weeks away from when teams are eligible to expand their rosters in September. The Rays usually don't bring up too many people as they strive for those all important IL championships but it will be interesting to discuss who may be options to bring up this year as there will most certainly be at least a couple arms and a catcher at the very least being called up.

Any player who is on the 40 man roster can be added on September 1st and currently the Rays have all 40 spots filled, however the Rays have the option of transferring injured players to the 60 man DL (Alex Cobb, Justin Ruggiano, Jose Lobaton). I would imagine that Cobb and Lobaton will be put on the 60 day DL as everything I have read indicates they won't be returning this season, I haven't heard anything about whatever caused Ruggiano to go on the DL or if he is even with the team as I haven't seen him in awhile. 


Here is a simple Breakdown of who is eligible

C- Nevin Ashley- Has yet to make his major league debut and is the main catcher in Durham and has been since Jaso and Lobaton were injured.I would be very surprised if Ashley doesn't remain in Durham until their season ends.

C- Robinson Chirinos- He came up after the injuries to Lobaton/Jaso and was just sent back down yesterday to make room for the return of Jaso, I doubt he will even unpack his bags as he is almost 100% certain to be back on Sep 1.


IF- all current 40 Man infielders are in the majors

OF- Brandon Guyer- The Rays have a plethora of OF, and Justin Ruggiano could be taken of the DL and added to the roster in September as well. That being said I wouldn't be suprised if Guyer gets a call-up, but the Rays could also choose to have him play everyday in Durham. I am about 70/30 leaning that Guyer will play out the season in Durham and than come up for week or two depending on when there season ends.


Chris Archer- is still in the rotation in Montgomery and could maybe get a start or two in Durham if the Rays choose to bring up someone from the rotation in Durham (Sonny, Torres, Moore) but 0% he suits up in a Rays uniform

Jay Buente- He spent his day as a Ray earlier in the year and could be brought up if the Rays need an arm but I would think he will be left in Durham as it is more likely they bring up someone who has a future in the organization

Matt Bush- He is an interesting case, as a fan I would love to see him get a cup of coffee and see what he can do, but I think it more likely he gets moved up to Durham for the rest of the year replacing one of their guys .

Dane De La Rosa- DDLR like Buente got his appearance in during the rotation of relievers, unlike Buente, DDLR very well could be in the pen next year. I hope and expect to see him up in September.

Rob Delaney- See DDLR

Mike Ekstrom- See Jay Buente

Andy Sonnanstine- I could see the Rays bringing Sonny up to spot start or two if they want to save innings but other than that I think he will stay in Durham. Like Ekstrom and Buente I don't see a reason to waste innings/a spot in the majors on someone who doesn't have a future in the organization.

Albert Suarez- too be honest I didn't even realize this guy was on the 40 man roster, not had even heard his name in forever. He has only pitched in the GCL this year and I know nothing about him.

Alex Torres- I could see him being used as either a spot starter (similar to what I suggested with Sonny) or out of the pen, either way I hope/expect to see him in September to get his feet what going into 2012.


Non 40 Man possibilities.

Russ Canzler- The Rays really could use giving Casey Kotchman a day off once in awhile and it might be a good idea to get an idea of what Russ can do going into ST next year. I think he has a very good shot of replacing Lobaton if he goes on the 60 Day DL

Tim Beckham- It would be a bit unRays like, but I see very little harm in giving Beckham some ML time. The Rays have nothing at SS so he would be given the chance to play everyday and it would come with the disclaimer, hey you are going to be starting 2012 in AAA but lets see what you can do.

Matt Moore- I'm not exactly sure what his innings limit was going into the season so they could be close to shutting him down, but they will need to add him to the 40 man this off-season anyway to protect from the Rule 5 draft and if you have an open 40 man spot (Cobb), than I could see him added Aug 31st ala Price was just in case we make a crazy run at the playoffs.


Just my thoughts as I hadn't heard much chatter about this topic and would be interested to see what others thoughts were.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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