Who Are Your Rays MVP Candidates & Why?

Today in the middle of the Deep Thoughts: Random Thoughts thread I laid out how I would drill down my Rays MVP vote.

Rglass  did not agree with my list (Price, Shields, Kotchman, Zobrist) nor did he agree with one of my metrics (consistency). He felt that Longoria was a greater choice than Kotchman and I responded as to why I would chose Kotchman. This little back and forth got me to thinking.

If you had to submit a list of your top 4 candidates for Rays Team MVP who would you submit and what criteria would you use to justify these four guys? Feel free to add in who would be your Rays Team MVP as well.

After the jump is my comment and the back and forth between Rglass and myself:

4 horseman

If we look at consistency as a factor for MVP then Shields and Price certainly take the top two spots on the pitching side and Zobrist and Kotchman on the offensive side.

I’d have to say that Shieds has been more effective than Price this year, so I’ll choose Shields as MVP pitcher.

Zobrist has simply contributed more to the team in terms of defense at two positions and more pop out of his bat in terms of extra base hits than Kotchman, so I’ll take Zobrist as my Offense MVP.

To pick between Shields and Zobrist is difficult. If I had to, I’d take the guy who contributes to the team everyday, so I’ll take Zobrist.

That’s my Rays MVP argument in a nutshell.

by MrNegative1 on Aug 31, 2011 10:21 AM EDT up reply actions  



by rglass44 on Aug 31, 2011 10:24 AM EDT up reply actions  


I may agree with that

but I factor in consistency in my equation so I didn’t really consider him.

I think Longo will end up with better numbers than Kothcman, I just think he lacked the consistency to provide the Rays value April though September.

Some may not agree with it, but its how I would drill down a team MVP.

by MrNegative1 on Aug 31, 2011 10:34 AM EDT up reply actions  

WTF do you factor in consistency?

How exactly does it work?

by rglass44 on Aug 31, 2011 10:44 AM EDT up reply actions  


I think of those who have not gone into the tank for a month or two or missed significant time due to injury.

And, I don’t consider mediocre production month to month as MVP like.

Hey, we all have our different way of viewing an MVP for the league or the team.

But, if I had to vote for a team MVP, I vote for Zobrist.

If I had to submit a list of 4 candidates for fans to vote on, I’d submit Price, Shields, Zobrist, Kotchman.

(Hey, this might not be a bad Fanpost?)

Who would be your four candidates for Rays MVP and why (lay out the reasons)?

by MrNegative1 on Aug 31, 2011 10:58 AM EDT up reply actions  

4? Shields, Price, Zo, and Longo.

Longo’s WAR is 2.3 wins higher than Kotch. He’s only played in 14 less games, so the injury issue is mitigated.

by rglass44 on Aug 31, 2011 11:10 AM EDT up reply actions  

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