OTTOTD for Sept 7 2011: DPIR Tries to Explain Himself

DPIR was told to write a 1000 word essay explaining his failure.  So he did that and took a few shots at other people along the way.  So here's the deal:  If this post gets 10 recs he'll be unbanned and allowed back.  This feels like a good time to point out that these posts do not in any way reflect the views of the site.  


DPIR: The Story


Okay, I wasn't going to write this fairy tale, but fucking DRB is my shit so I couldn't at least not try to fucking get unpermabanned. Now, I had to get high to write this story so excuse my bad spelling and grammar, bitches. I'm going to tell you about where, why, and how the DRB FFB League/Meat-up went wrong.


So months back RJ (me) started talking about a FFB league. It was going to glass, him, myself and a few others because Topper is a big flaming penguin and wouldn't invite me to a FFB league if he was the commish. So I was like, fuck yea teaming up with my boy RJ and we gonna mow bitches. Well this was all good until RJ and the Sandrew Kazmir fought. RJ eventually got kinda emo and quit the site (RIP RJ). This was a sad day for me...the person who kept me unbanned and stuck by me, quit. I knew I was more vulnerable than ever now, and for sure I got banned multiple times after Reej was gone.

After RJ was gone, I figured I would be the one to start the FFB. So I posted one day in an ottotd asking if anyone would be interested in a fucking FFB league. Lots of people jumped on board, and at first we were going to have to make a 14-team league. However, I only took the best and the brightest posters (excluding Badancil and 4QB). So the league was setup; however, I made a fatal flaw in making a custom league instead of league manager. This would be the downfall of me.

I eventually got everyone's emails and the league was full with 12 teams. Everyone was in and we had changed the draft date to 9/4 @ 8:00. This was the league we were going to play in UNTIL things got messy and fucking cunts wanted to co-manage with other cunts. Since we were in a custom league, I couldn't let people co-manage. This led to a lot of bitching and pussyfarting and I eventually created a new LM league.

The problem with me making the second league was we only had 3 more days (1 OTTOTD day) until the draft. This made it extremely difficult to fill the league up in a matter of days. Multiple emails were sent to Sveet and Hatfield (the last two who didn't join). However, as we have witnessed, they never joined.
So going into Sunday morning I was expecting the worst and thought we would just have to resort back to the old league, which was already fucking filled. Also the meatup was supposed to happen on Sunday but you little social anxiety mongoloids all backed out. I was going to fucking go and even my good friend fucking Peter stood me up, texting me he couldn't go.

. Okay so Sunday rolls around and it's like already 6pm. Now listen, I had been smoking all weekend so I was in a constant state of fucked up. And I had a few Harp in me too so I might've been tipsy. Anyways, I'm waiting around for the draft and all of the fucking sudden it's 8. So I'm like, oh shit. By this time I knew the LM league I made was a bust. So I went to the custom league and notice there's no draft settings. So at first I bert stared that shit cuz I wasn't sure but then I clicked on THE FUCKING LEAGUE TAB AND SOME PHAGGOT LEFT THE FUCKING LEAGUE. This fucking enraged me, because I knew you dumbfucks would put all the blame on me. So sucks on my dicks and unban me because I fucking brought this site on my back all the way to the fucking top, past that bullshit. Get at me son

I just want to make a few fucking shoutouts to all the kids on phaggy time in the OTTOTD on Tuesday.
Badancil - Posting real names and information? That shit's realllllll classy bro, and I ain't even mad. It's funny that you have to resort to something like that to try to prove your worth to DRB or some shit. That gets mad respect, for real. Come at me you scrawny red-dot indian motherfucker. (NO REAL NAMES), THAT'S THE MOST FUCKING INDIAN NAME EVER YOU FUCKING MUMBAI SLUMDOG

Sutty - I just have to agree with your comment about The Weeknd and strip clubs.....that shit is so raw. I went to fucking strip club on like Sunday and asked this bitch to dance to Wicked Games by the Weeknd. Them bitches didn't have it though. BTW WHEN WE GOING TO FUCKING CHILL NOW BRAH?

Toppah - Fuck you. And fuck my FFB team, because that was an epic collapse and you were about to get your shit pounded in.

DRB FFBawlers - Sorry bros, I fucked that shit up for reals.

Oh btw, that bodyspace is me, but everyone on here knew I already misc'd. Nothing fucking new here lol. You guys found my facebook I use to stalk people too, gj. The youtube video, not me loooooooooool. See you phaggots think I'm going to pull a fucking RD or DDRR but I got fucking resilience nagger. Posting shit about me you think that's going to fucking change a thing? LOL. Shit's mad unclassy to do, but for real. I don't go fucking googling or facebooking you retards. And seriously shame on the mods for not even hiding that shit. You know you've done it before for other people but you don't even put in the effort to hide it. That's seriously a dick move.

Look I'm even going to leave a fucking picture for you kids. For real I ain't no ones alt, I don't even know where that fucking started. But shits hella funny, kinda.

This is me high
Now I'm gonna go get my subway so I hope I don't get fucking robbed down here, cuz its 848 and theres a lot of thugs around here. This fucking better be the OTTOTD tomorrow, dobbersmegma. 1019 words sup bitches? 1023 now. Oh shit now 1024. 1028. FUCK I GOTTA DO + 1. 1036

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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