On to 2013!

Hey guys, so as I do every year, I will share with you my thoughts and ideas to make the Rays better for 2013.

First of all, I would offer B.J. arbitration and take the draft picks. Next, I would trade one of the pitchers, probably Shields since Chris Archer appears all but ready, at least as a sixth starter. One team I see as a possible match is the Padres. They have a number of pieces that could make the Rays a better overall team, in particular Nick Hundley. Although he has some obvious question marks, he is expected to be healthy by spring training and I think he would be worth the risk. Other players that interest me from San Diego include live armed relievers Brad Brach and Nick Vincent. If Tampa Bay could get these players along with the oft injured but powerful Kyle Blanks. Maybe one more player after that could fill out the deal. I don't know what the market for Shields looks like, this is just a thought, either way I think trading him could improve the team overall. Also, I would decline the option on Luke Scott. He is too unreliable.

So, here's how the roster would look:

c - Nick Hundley (If he can regain his 2011 form that would be a big offensive upgrade at catcher.)
Jose Lobaton/ Chris Giminez

1b - Brian LaHair (I'm not sure if he's available but he has no room to play in Chicago currently. So if he's available, I think the Rays should make a run at him.)
Carlos Lee (I can't see him having much of a market, so if TB could get him for a year/ 3.5 mil, he could be useful against lefties and off the bench.)

2b - Ryan Roberts
Sean Rodriguez/ Elliot Johnson

3b - Evan Longoria
Sean Rodriguez

ss - Ben Zobrist (if he could play an adequate shortstop, I don't see why he shouldn't stay there. If they can't get LaHair then I would platoon Rodriguez/Johnson and put Zobrist at first.)
Sean Rodriguez/ Elliot Johnson

lf - Mat Joyce
Brandon Guyer/ Kyle Blanks

cf - Desmond Jennings
Brandon Guyer/Sam Fuld

rf - Ichiro Suzuki (He proved that he could still play and an aging corner OF who relies on speed shouldn't be that expensive. If TB could get him on a 1 year/ 3.5 mil deal it would be worth it.)
Brandon Guyer/ Kyle Blanks

dh - Jim Thome (If he doesn't retire he may come on a yr/1.5 mil deal with his power bat.)
Kyle Blanks

s1 - David Price
st2- Mat Moore
st3 - Jeremy Hellickson
st4 - Jeff Niemann
st5 - Alex Cobb

cl - Fernando Rodney
su - Jake McGee
su - Wade Davis
mr - Josh Lueke/Brandon Gomes/Brad Brach/Nick Vincent/Chris Ramos
lr - Burke Badenhop

So, the lineup would look like this:


and the bench would look like this:


These are just my ideas so feel free to disagree.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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