Zobrist vs Pedroia vs Cano

I did a Pedroia vs Cano on Pinstripe Alley and overthemonster. Someone asked me to do Zobrist vs Pedroia vs Cano on Draysbay. So here it is. Zobrist vs Pedroia vs Cano


Since Zobrist came out of nowhere, it is better to use true talent numbers than career numbers. True talent is better anyway, but for Pedroia vs Cano it came out the same anyway and it was a shortcut. The way to determine true talent is each season is worth 80% of the more recent one for true talent like the most recent season is 5, recent season-1 is 4 recent season-2 is 3.2, recent season-4 is 2.56 and it keeps going on.

So for true talent wRC+ Pedroia has 125

Cano has 122

Zobrist has 120

It looks like Pedroia comes on top here. Although Zobrist does have the best wRC+ in a season of any of them, so for that let's do true talent of wRC+ squared to rate big seasons better and then take the square root of the total

Pedroia has 126

Zobrist has 125

Cano has 124

So Pedroia comes on top no matter what, if you're rating them on career value so far, you might take Zobrist, if you want to know how good they are now, you take Cano, but Pedroia wins in every category.

Fielding I know Zobrist plays other positions so this makes it tricky, I will just be using Zobrist at 2B though.

In the Pedroia vs Cano thread, I covered that Cano did make more out of zone plays, but Pedroia was a better defender because he made a lot more in zone plays. Read that if you want.

We can see at 2nd base the career UZR/150s are Zobrist 15.6 Pedroia 9.6 Cano -5.7. Zobrist beats both at DRS despite having 3x less innings. The fans in the fans scouting report say Pedroia, Cano, Zobrist, but I don't it that much. I say Zobrist wins here, Pedroia comes in 2nd and Cano finishes a distant 3rd.


Career Baserunning runs,

Zobrist 8.4

Cano 6.4

Pedroia -1.7

While Pedroia is probably the best or 2nd baserunner of the 3 because UBR ignores stolen bases and Pedroia has a big SB advantage over Cano and a moderate one over Zobrist, wRC+ includes stolen bases so we won't include that here.


WAR/650 PAs







But if we use the same method we did for squaring wRC+ and we use true talent the numbers go like Pedroia 5.9, Zobrist 6.1, Cano 4.6

Overall I would take Zobrist by a hair over Pedroia but it's very close. Cano finishes a distant 3rd

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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