DRaysBay Prospect Predictions Series: Sleeper

Here are the links for Part 1 and Part 2.

During this third installment of this series, the panel of experts will give their thoughts on sleeper prospects n the Rays' system. What is a sleeper prospect? A sleeper prospect is a player who doesn't receive much recognition but could have a breakout year. Normally players with enticing tools or projection profile as sleepers. An example of a previous sleeper pick would be Matt Moore, who was drafted in the 8th round but had the tools to develop into a star caliber pitcher.

After the jump is a list of the participants, today's questions, and their answers.

The experts that decided to take part in the list are as follows: Jim Callis of Baseball America, Kevin Goldsteinof Baseball Prospectus, Frankie Piliere of Scout.com, David Rawnsley of Perfect Game, and John Sickels of Minor League Ball.

Here is today's question:

Who is your favorite sleeper prospect in the Rays' minor league system?

Jim Callis: I think he gets overlooked because the Rays had so many draft picks last year, and he didn't make our Rays Top 30 Prospects list in our 2012 Prospect Handbook, but I like Grandon Goetzman. He was a second-round pick last year and I liked him more than several of TampaBay's sandwich picks. He has plus speed and power potential.

Kevin Goldstein: The funny thing is, I would have said Matt Bush, but he went and screwed himself again, so I'll take Wilking Rodriguez, who had kind of a lost 2011 due to injuries. A move to the bullpen could get him moving quickly.

Frankie Piliere: This probably isn't fair to call him a sleeper, but I like Kes Carter. I think people realize he can be productive, but I'm especially on board with his bat.

David Rawnsley: I’m a huge Ryan Brett fan. He plays the game with passion and instincts rarely found on a player his age. In baseball insider parlance, he "Gets It" about how to play the game. Of course, he has pretty good tools across the board as well. Expect a big 2012 season from him in his first season of full season ball.

I don’t know if Rays fans are overlooking Mikie Mahtook at all between Guerieri’s potential with the first pick and all the comp picks, but I know scouts who are still shaking their heads that Mahtook went that late. He’s a Hunter Pence type player with the potential to play centerfield.

John Sickels: He's old at age 27 and he just got cut, but I think Stephen Vogt could be a very useful role player. Of the younger guys, it is hard for me to pick out a guy who could be a real surprise, since I think the general public perception of most Rays prospects is accurate. Ryan Carpenter, a lefty from the '11 draft, doesn't receive as much attention as he deserves.

Once again, I would like to thank the experts for participating. The series will continue through Wednesday.

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