Who's That in My Old Seats?

I had this sitting on the back-burner and felt now--with the 2-game series coming up at the Trop--was a good time to bring it up.

I changed my seats this year to seats that are a bit cheaper, and are on the Rays' side. So, earlier this season (during the Twins series) I visited my old seats. I looked at the nameplate on the seat back to see who claimed them, and this is what I saw:

RS Nation

I didn't immediately realize what that meant, since most seats belong to businesses, and that's where my mind went. Initially I thought it might be the parent site to this forum. I knew it was two initials plus "Nation," but then quickly realized it was not RS. And a quick check on my smart phone confirmed it was not RS, but SB.

Hmmm, so then what company is that? Must be some company around here. Then suddenly it hit me:

"MOTHER FU@&*R!! That's no company at all! It's Red Sox Nation!"

It made me feel kind of sick that that's who took my old seats. I know it's not my fault, they would have found other seats had I kept them, but it still pissed me off. And I know that a good third of the fans are Red Sox fans when they play here, but still....

I know the Rays need all the money they can get and would probably sell those seats to Osama bin Laden if he wanted them (and wasn't dead). And I know you can't discriminate who you sell tickets to, but can you imagine "RS Nation" being engraved on seats at Yankee Stadium? Or "Bronx Bombers" on seats at Fenway? I don't think they would even allow that, and if they did it wouldn't last long.

I'm sure the Rep who took the order had no idea what RS Nation even meant when the person told him that's what he wanted on the nameplate. Same with the people who engraved it and put it there.

Anyway, it could be a ticket broker from Boston, or some Saux fan who has a business here and gives the seats as comps or something until the Saux come to town.

The picture of the seat itself is a clue to where they might be . . . . but that's all I'm saying. I'm off to the game now.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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