The Process Versus Baltimore

Jul 21, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Chris Tillman (30) delivers in the second inning against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Probable Starters:

Tuesday 7:05 PM ET: Hellickson v. Chen

Wednesday 7:05 PM ET: Price v. Gonzalez

Thursday 12:35 PM ET: Shields v. Tillman

Quick Comparison

Stats Rays Orioles
wOBA .304 .306
wRC+ 94 88
BB% 9.8% 7.6%
K% 21.6% 21.6%
BABIP .279 .280
SB 81 32
Opp SB 60 41
FIP 3.85 4.26
K/9 8.20 6.26
BB/9 3.25 2.97
HR/9 .97 1.11
BABIP .288 .288

Rays' Pitchers

Pitcher Split wOBA FIP
Hellickson vs. LH .313 5.76
Hellickson vs. RH .345 4.65
Price vs. LH .242 2.37
Price vs. RH .293 3.74
Shields vs. LH .355 4.79
Shields vs. RH .328 2.67

Orioles' Pitchers

Pitcher Split wOBA FIP
Chen vs. LH .323 4.22
Chen vs. RH .300 4.25
Gonzalez vs. LH .353 4.87
Gonzalez .vs RH .280 4.12
Tillman vs. LH .275 3.68
Tillman vs. RH .205 1.57

Series Notes...

  • The Orioles have been a surprising team this year, currently resting in 2nd place in the AL East while 6 games over .500.
  • However, the Orioles have the worst run differential in the AL East, a sign that things haven't gone as well as their record indicates.
  • While the Orioles have a better record, the Rays have hit better, pitched better, and fielded better.
  • The Orioles pitcher to watch out for is Chris Tillman. A former hyped prospect, Tillman's stuff is sharper than it has ever been in the major leagues. The fastball velocity is up to an average of 94.2 mph, sitting in the 91-96 range. He also mixes in a big breaking ball and a changeup.
  • With trade rumors swirling, Shield's outing will surely be another opportunity for him to audition to teams with interest in acquiring him. While a team won't judge too much off of one outing, it wouldn't hurt his stock for it to be a strong one.

Go Rays!

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