Lenny Linsky Interview 08/19/12

Quick interview I did with Lenny Linsky in August for RaysDigest. Never published a story for it, and as you can tell the site really hasn't been active...Excuse any grammatical errors, I transcribed it to use in an actual story so I really wasn't worried about it.
- @marcnemcik

You missed most of the year with an injury. What was the recovery like, and are you feeling alright?

I feel great. My arm feels great, my body feels great. It’s just kind of a long process, getting back into pitching again.

Looking at your stats, the first couple of games were rough, but then you had ten scoreless outings before last night, but you still got the win. What has it been like to get used to pitching in games again?

Yeah they were horrible. I was really stocked to get out there the first night. I mean even when I was struggling, I was still having fun. I think the competitive aspect was still there, but it’s just frustrating going out there and thinking that you can still do what you used to do when you when obviously can’t with the arm injury. My arm strength just wasn't there.

What exactly was it? Are you allowed to talk about it?

I’m not sure if I can, because they haven’t released it yet. I don’t want it to come from me.

Obviously the Rays had some big players down here this year in [Kyle] Farnsworth, Jeff Niemann, and Luke Scott these couple of days. What have you been able to get out of them? Have you talked to any of them?

Luke and I have the same agent, so I met him before Spring Training. He’s been a really cool guy. I asked him: “Hey how would you face a guy with a sinker ball like me?” He told me what he’d be looking for, so I try and pitch around that.

What is your overall feeling about this season? Are you satisfied with how things went with your injury?

I’m satisfied with the recovery, but I’m not satisfied with how I've been pitching, but that’s going to come.

The season is coming to an end, so what are your expectations for the off-season and next season?

I just want to work my butt off and try to get back to my old ways and try to get better.

One last question: Obviously you’re big on Twitter. What’s special about being able to communicate with fans?

It’s just fun for me just because there are a lot of people out there. I’m a pretty social guy, and I like to have fun, so being able to talk to people is cool. If they’re interested in me, that’s pretty cool and I just want to get to know people.

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