Top Prospects

I really think and Jon Mayo got this one right. Their Top 20 TB prospects really seem fitting.


1. Wil Myers - Goes without saying. Versatile with plus everything outside of plate discipline, best hitting prospect in the game.

2. Jake Odorizzi - I really think Odorizzi has more upside than both Archer and Guerreri. The only real counter I have to this is that Archer has big league experience, where he performed well.

3. Hak-Ju Lee - A quick, lefty-hitting, slick-fielding middle infielder, I see Lee fitting nicely at shortstop in the years to come. Far more promising than Beckham with a lot less risk. It was a down year for Lee in 2012, however, as he hit only .261 in Montgomery.

4. Taylor Guerreri - A fireballer who I can see fitting into two positions exceptionally well: No. 2-3 starter, or long reliever, depending on how he well and quickly he develops.

5. Chris Archer - Archer could be the Rays No. 3-4 starter of the future. I can see him making the starting rotation if Jeff Niemann does not bounce back successfully.

6. Mikie Mahtook - Mahtook is a gritty, hard-nosed outfielder with plus tools across the board. A college bat who has performed decent across the minor-league ranks, I expect a good season in Double-A, but his Ray debut may be a year or two off.

7. Mike Montgomery - This, to me, was what really made the Shields deal worth its while. Despite his struggles, both with stuff and control, Montgomery has one of the higher ceilings in MiLB. Assuming he starts the season in Triple-A, he may be only an injury away from a call-up. Add Jim Hickey to the equation, and I think we may have a fine addition to our pitching ranks relatively soon. Nothing is definite, but Montgomery has high enough potential to succeed in the majors. Just ask other resurrections under Jim Hickey, such as Grant Balfour, Rafael Soriano, and Fernando Rodney.

8. Enny Romero - Tall, lanky lefty with a slingshot. Plenty of room to fill out and add zip to the fastball.

19. Tim Beckham - Top pick to back of the pack, Beckham has seen his big league chances grow slimmer and slimmer, seemingly every year. Constantly in trouble with substance abuse, Beckham has posted average to sub-average numbers throughout his career. Remember when he and Reid Brignac were the golden boys? Brignac is no stud (actually far from it), but Beckham has yet to taste big league experience, and with each year he takes a step back rather than ahead. Lee is ahead of him, and even ahead of Lee is a logjam of guys on the 25-man who can play the position effectively (Escobar, Johnson, Rodriguez, Zobrist). In 2011, Beckham cracked's Top 100 Prospect List. Two years later, he barely makes the organization's Top 20...


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