The Rays Tank: Toronto done, Arlington done, Hello Cleveland

And the beat goes on. - Ronald Martinez

How to celebrate a trip to the postseason the Rays way: 200 bottles of Korbel champagne, six bottles of Dom Perignon, 20 cases of beer and endless cigars. Not mentioned: a fine bottle of Maddon vino (you know it was there).

One more game.

Two leaders.

One throwing a dominant complete game pitching performance allowing only two runs on seven hits, possibly his last time on the mound in a Rays uniform; the other turning it up a notch in this critical final week, pulling through in the clutch last night with three hits, including a two-run homer.

They met in a bear hug at the end of the exhilarating 5-2 win in Arlington, and it got a little dusty.

CBS Sports provided a pretty lovey dovey postgame Longo-Price piece that'll probably make you grab what's left of the Kleenex.

How many times this season the Rays made a crucial comeback, one that provided all sorts of glimmering hope, and again they did it Monday, allowing them one more chance to fight for October baseball.

They'll take on Terry Francona and his chicken-and-beer-free Indians on Wednesday night at Progressive Field, and with a win will continue their travels across North America this week to Boston for an AL East showdown in the ALDS.

Last night was fun.

It was Rays fandom in it's purest form, and the excitement on Twitter and across the Internet made me wonder how we ever celebrated games without the instant gratification of connecting via tweets, comments, etc.

We survive each season with one another. It's not always pleasant, and we certainly don't always agree, but the bond that this former Devil Rays team has created among us is pretty damn special.

ICYMI, though I'm not sure why you would've, the GDT for last night had 1,587 comments. 1,587.

Hello, good old days.

The postgame thread managed around 130, while the postgame recap from Ian was spectacular, and allowed you to relive every single second of glory.

Last night was stressful, but oh so sweet, and we get to relive every single moment again in about 36 hours, with Alex Cobb leading the way.

Game 164, let's do this.

Celebratory videos:

Reactions from around the Twittersphere:

(Celebratory stats for bottle count courtesy of Marc Topkin.)

Edit (Ian): There were a lot of comments last night,  but after Price, Longo, and Fuld get to touch it, the game ball needs to go to PlayOnWords for this gem. Made me tear up for reals:

Somewhere I do believe there's a radio with Dave wills' voice floating out in a semi lit garage

And as yunel threw the final runner out at first, the man in the garage put his ping pong paddle down, just for a moment, and made antlers with his hands.

Then the moment was over and he resumed his training.

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