The Rays Tank: Dodgers, Tigers win at home

Harry How

Editor's Note: The government is back to work today, but Allie's internet is not. Here are her collected links to share. - DR

Yesterday, the Dodgers salvaged the homestand by winning Game 5 of the NLCS, on the back of Adrian Gonzalez's two homeruns. We already knew he wears Mickey Mouse shirts and does Mickey Mouse things, but his homerun celebration after the first dinger took things to a new level:


Yup, those are Mickey Mouse ears. Carl Crawford and A.J. Ellis also had solo shots.

The Tigers thumped Jake Peavy in a no-show by the Boston pitcher during the second inning, and the Red Sox never recovered. The damage could have been limited to five runs, but later in the fourth Dustin Pedroia's fielding error allowed two more to score. Detroit would win 7-3, but that doesn't excuse this horrible call (which we saw Boston benefit from in the ALDS):


That was an out... The teams are now tied at 2-2 and play in Detroit this evening at 8 ET.

The Tigers did most of their damage last night behind an optimized line up that put Torii Hunter in lead off, Miguel Cabrera batting second, V-Mart fourth, Jhonny Peralta fifth, and Prince Fielder third between the sets of superior hitters. This kind of lineup optimization is straight out of The Book.


Shadow of the Stadium: Mayoral politics, local newspapers, and the Stadium Saga.

- The 32 Best Calls in Sports History by Hardball Talk -- my favorite being No. 4 -- followed by a comparison of Vin Scully and Joe Buck.

- The 10 Best Baseball Songs -- my favorite being No. 6 -- by Jim Baker for Baseball Nation.

- A few bored genius baseball fans have started animating baseball cards, and it's amazing. The claim it will be updated daily here.

- Some reads impacting potential suitors for David Price:

Baseball America - Is Javier Baez Ready For The Big Leagues?

Beyond the Box Score - The Cardinal Sin: Is Wacha Tipping Pitches?

The Hardball Times - Are the Mariners headed down the same path as the Royals?

Sports on Earth: One Man's Guide to Fan Behavior

- Finally, the clock is ticking for fans to complete their 2013 Fielding Scouting Report for Tom Tango. The Rays currently have a respectable 34 submissions, but we can do better than that! You have from now until the end of the World Series to get it done.

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