The Rays Tank: The Freak stays in San Fran


I just really didn't want to reference the Red Sox win in the Tank title.

The Giants re-signed Tim Lincecum on Tuesday, to the tune of a $35 million, two-year contract through the 2015 season with a no-trade clause, despite the fact that he hasn't exactly pitched very well for them over the past two years.

It was very sentimental for the Freak, who made it apparent that he couldn't be happier, and on the Giants part, they're "gettin' the brand back together" in the words of Grant Brisbee. Hopefully fans will still feel all warm and fuzzy about bringing Timmy back if he doesn't live up to his former Cy Young ways in 2014 and '15.

In other news, the Red Sox won game one of the World Series. Yay.

Jon Lester dominated, the Cardinals almost lost Carlos Beltran (but he's okay) and beards are still a thing.


- Bloomberg analyzed the values of all 30 major league baseball teams, and the Rays came in 30th. The interactive graph allows you to easily compare teams to others and is pretty cool, but man, 30th?

- The New York Times featured a piece on Randy Choate's veteran status in the World Series, and Choate had some nice words about Joe Maddon and his faith in him in 2010:

"I knew when I went to Triple-A that I could get guys out, but at this level I wasn't comfortable enough for it, just for whatever reason," Choate said. "Joe really believed in me and had confidence that I could do that."

- The results of Fangraphs contract-crowdsourcing project of the top free agents are in, with the 47 players ranked in terms of total projected contract value. David DeJesus came in at #40, with 57% of respondents believing the Rays will exercise his $6.5 million dollar option.

- Grantland provided some useful graphics to show the pitching patterns and strategies that occurred throughout the 2013 season.

- Interesting look from Hardball Times at using closers in extra innings, questioning whether it's better to put in your best reliever when the team has a lead, or if it's better to utilize them in protecting a tie. Explained very well by Matt Hunter.

- This holiday season, provide all your loved ones with the gift that keeps on giving: using the Rookies App, put your mean mug on a baseball card. Downloading and using the app is free, but for a steal of $12.99 you can order a pack and dole them out to all your closest pals.

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