The Rays Tank: Goodnight, Cleveland

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays: currently on a nationwide tour, pitching and swinging sweet lullabies and shutting down teams nightly. Get your tickets now to see them this Friday in Boston!

On my next birthday, I just want to jump around in a circle, wear goggles, have people pour champagne and beer on me and spray silly string everywhere.

Three back-to-back elimination games. Win and win and win.

Now, for an ALDS facing a familiar foe. Why stop winning now?

And the beat goes on...

But before it does, read last night's postgame recap and watch Cobb chat with Ken Rosenthal:

Then Longo praise Cobber:

Also, for those keeping track at home...

Game 163: 1,587 comments

Game 164: 1,712 comments

Game 165: What will the magical number be? Keep up the good GDT work, guys.


- 19 Awesome Things About the Tampa Bay Rays. Not penned by anyone on this site. Other people like us now!

- "And as you watched Cobb shut down the Indians in Wednesday night's American League wild-card game, it was hard not to wonder if all of this might be bad news for the Red Sox."

- The SweetSpot identified three crucial at-bats that impacted last night's win.

- ICYMI from September 23rd, Tommy Rancel brought some attention back to his piece on Cobb yesterday, and how he follows the James Shields blueprint for the Rays.

- "It is not how you get to the postseason; it's all about how you finish it." I'm all for the mushy, feel good, Rays are the real deal (again) pieces this week.

- Some changes will be occurring in the world of college baseball, affecting home run distance and the movement pitchers will see with a new pro flat-seam ball.

- Rob Neyer provided a great piece on the continued notion that Major League Baseball is irrelevant, despite the fact that it's October in the midst of an exciting postseason. Also, what the hell Bob Costas:

"If Tampa Bay plays Cincinnati in the World Series, I don't care if the series goes seven games and every game goes into extra innings, baseball is screwed," says Mr. Costas. "That's not fair to the Rays or the Reds, but it's true."

- Postseason baseball returned to Pittsburgh, there was an emotional pregame ceremony, and with much thanks to TBS, we saw none of it.

- Jamie Moyer is releasing a memoir, "Just Tell Me I Can't: How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time" and provided NPR with an interview that will compel you to buy the book. Highlight: he used to use his teeth to tell his catcher he was changing the location of his pitch. His teeth.

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