The Rays Tank: Lake Buena Vista, Day 3

Zduriencik's playground. - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners are hoarding first basemen, David Price doesn't like the rain (we knew this already, female drivers) and there's now a version of MLB fight club, agents only.

Starbucks, flannel and a plethora of big bats

Seattle! JackZ was feeling greedy and decided Robinson Cano needed to make some new BFFs, so he added both Corey Hart and Logan Morrison to the roster yesterday. Rumor has it they'll both see outfield and DH time, with Justin Smoak manning first. Ian provided a full recap of the moves, while Danny compiled all the first basemen prospects into posts here and here, with the list of potential Rays suitors still choc-ful of James Loney*, Ike Davis**, Kevin Youkilis, Michael Morse, Mark Reynolds, etc.

Per Jon Heyman:

"1B types." Got it.

* For the Loney fans, as the offseason progresses it seems more and more unlikely that he'll land with the Rays, as both the Brewers (who desired both Hart and Morrison) and Pirates are rumored to be interested, and more likely to make moves as the selection thins.

** Talks are "heating up" in the Davis market, as the Brewers, Pirates and Rays are all interested. Grand scheme of things: the Brewers, Pirates and Rays are going to be mentioned in talks with every valuable first baseman remaining.

DP will join the new gang in Seattle, but not for an extended period of time

David Price's agent, Bo McKinnis, is strolling the halls of Disney chatting about his prized pitcher, and relaying to the masses that Price would not consider an extension with the Mariners if he ended up there. Mind you, this doesn't apply to all teams, as Bo said that Price would consider extensions with other teams. Which ones were left a mystery (for now).

Off topic, but does anyone else just see an angry Bo Pelini any time the name Bo is mentioned now? Just me?

"The things you own end up owning you."

Tyler Durden, so poignant and meaningful at the Winter Meetings. In what just may be the most exciting event to occur at this year's Winter Meetings, there was a brawl between two agents in the parking lot of the Dolphin hotel at noon yesterday. Yes, noon.

Per Jeff Passan, "Two men tried to beat the crap out of each other, witnesses said, and one of them threatened to burn the other's house down." A "Stay the [expletive] away from my guy!" was yelled, kicks and punches were thrown, and well, according to a witness, "It was pathetic ... It was the worst fight I've ever seen."

Unfortunately, Scott Boras and HOVA were not identified as the two brawling agents.

Actual Winter Meetings decisions and whatnot

MLB ruled yesterday that home-plate collisions need to end, approving a ban in situations "which the baserunner plows over the catcher in an attempt to jar the ball loose." MLBPA approval is required for the change to officially be made for the 2014 season, with the rule being presented to the MLBPA in January. Even if they don't approve this, MLB can still unilaterally implement the rule for 2015.

If you disagree with the changes, Grant Brisbee was prepared and provided a post to shut you up on the matter; also, "Home-plate collisions are stupid and you should feel bad about yourself if you disagree."

Former Rays rumblings


- The Rule 5 Draft ends the winter meetings later today, with the Rays selecting 22nd. The 40-man roster currently has one opening.

- Baseball America posted their Top 10 prospects for the Rays, with Jake Odorizzi beating out Hak-Ju Lee for No. 1

- Gabe Kapler offered his analysis of whether the Rays should trade David Price: Hold out, don't settle for less than the Shields-Myers trade.

- Shortly after we reported the Rays' were in contact with the agent for former Expo, now knuckleballer, Tomo Ohka, it appears the Blue Jays have signed him to a minor league deal. The Orioles were also rumored to be interested.

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