MLB Trade Rumors: Rays land Ryan Hanigan and Heath Bell

Jamie Sabau

The signing of Jose Molina seemed to indicate the Rays were no longer in the market for a catcher. We may have been wrong.

Rumors are circulating that the Rays may have landed Ryan Hanigan.

Updating as the story develops. The assumption is that one of Jose Lobaton may have been traded to facilitate the deal. Lobaton is out of options, and could not be sent to Durham next year.

You can find our previous coverage on Ryan Hanigan here.

Hanigan is praised for his defense behind the plate. With a strong ability to control the running game, having led the league in caught-stealing percentage the past two seasons (48% in '12, 45% in '13), Hanigan is also well known for his ability to frame the strike zone, not much unlike his projected counterpart Jose Molina.


UPDATE - 12:50

Topkin hears the Rays plan to use Hanigan as the starting catcher, and may have signed him to a long term deal.

UPDATE - 1:25

Jeff Passan heard rumbling of activity out of Oakland, and Will Carroll confirms they are the third team involved in the trade.

UPDATE - 1:40

The Athletics now appear involved in a deal for Craig Gentry deal, which may or may not be the A's rumors from earlier.

Additionally, Olney confirms the Rays have given Hanigan a contract extension.

UPDATE - 1:50

Whoops, A's are out. Keep speculating!

UPDATE - 2:10

Word on the street is that Arizona is the third team involved.

UPDATE - 2:50


I don't even know anymore.

Hanigan extension is 3 years, $10.75M

Four year extension? That's so Rays. Don't worry, not all your favorites are getting traded away.

UPDATE - 3:00

Where is Lobaton going?

Four team trade?

UPDATE - 3:10

Of his $9M salary, Bell should have $3M paid by Miami, and $500K by Arizona.

Full breakdown of trade? Might be:

with that PTBNL coming from the Rays.

UPDATE - 3:26

Yearly breakdown of Hanigan contract:

And how much the Rays will pay of Bell's salary:

UPDATE - 3:32

Trade officially confirmed by the Rays.

In former Rays player news in the midst of all of this, congrats to Eric Hinske!

UPDATE - 4:25

Steve Carney just spoke with Friedman concerning today's moves:

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