Biggest Surprises/Disappointments Thus Far

10 1/2 games into spring training, and the Rays sit at 7-3 (currently trailing Boston 2-1 in the 6th). We've gotten different samples sizes from different players, but a taste of everyone nonetheless. This brings about the question of who's played exceptionally well and who has not. The average Rays fan would immediately check on Longo (hitting a smooth .500, 4 hits in first 4 at-bats), Price (4 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 5 K), and the new implementations of manager Joe Maddon. This year, we get to marvel at young phenom Wil Myers.

Through today, Myers is hitting at .235 with a single RBI. Spring Training, according to many, means nothing, but I do think that his slow start to the spring should call for a start to the season in Durham. I'm hoping Myers isn't the next in a line of Royals products who have fallen short of expectations. Even a season like Moustakas had last year at .242 with 20 homers and 73 RBI would be a welcome addition to this lineup, but not at the expense of Shields and WD40.

So, aside from Myers, who else has "disappointed" this spring, and who has impressed?


-Leslie Anderson - .389, 1 HR, 7 RBI

I was a little upset when the Rays let go of Henry Wrigley. I thought he was bound to be a quiet prospect who suddenly blew up upon getting the call to the big club. Anderson, who was Wrigley's first base competition last year in the minors, won the opener against Boston with a towering drive into the bullpen. He then proceeded to hit a clutch single the following day. He put up good numbers in Durham last year, so it should be interesting to see how Tampa handles him.

-Chris Gimenez - .462

Am I the only one who had no idea Gimenez could play 3B? He's been tagging the ball recently, and he should consistently be in the Molina-Lobaton catcher talks, mainly because Lobaton is a below-average option at the position.

-Ryan Roberts - .455, 2 HR

I can't say I was thrilled when the Rays acquired Tatman midway through last season, but between his first official at-bat (a home run into the bullpen at Camden Yards) and his spring jumpstart, I like the idea of having him play against left-handed pitching. Still, his swing is incredibly long and he waves out of shoes. But to stay positive, his spring has started off excellent, with two towering home runs and solid contact along with a good approach. The Roberts-Johnson platoon may turn out to be one of Maddon's (and Friedman's) best idea yet.


-Jake McGee - 3 G, 11.50 ERA, 1 K

McGee is my favorite piece out of this Rays bullpen. He's a gritty, hard-throwing lefty who rarely wavered last season. The one blemish I saw was ball tickled by Jim Thome that snuck into the left field seats, a fastball high and away that any left-handed hitter could push if they actually got around on it (Thome is one of the best ever, don't mistake that). McGee, however, has struggled this spring, his fastball hanging in the low 90's and a lesser feel for his secondary stuff.

-Sean Rodriguez - .071, 1 HR

S-Rod's lone hit of the exhibition season was a home run. Other than that, he has faltered at the plate. He's been playing center a little bit, which should help display his open-up speed and decent arm, but if the Loney-Rodriguez platoon is going to work, let's hope his woes are due to right-handed pitching.

-Hak-Ju Lee - .125, .850 F%

Lee is one of the Rays top position player prospects, coming over in the Garza deal. He's struggled offensively and has already committed 3 errors. This glove-first prospect has certainly been a disappointment thus far.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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