2013 Rays' Draft Signings Thread

I thought we should start a thread to gather updates on the new draftees. If you see any news on any signings or information on whether or not a player will sign, put it in the comments with a link to the source and I will update it here.

1. Nick Ciuffo: Unsigned

1. Ryan Stanek: Unsigned

2. Riley Unroe: Signed

3. Thomas Milone

Pet 06/07 update, Milone is a lean to sign:

"He's looking at both sides of it," said Ralph Franco, Milone's coach at Masuk. "But I think he's leaning toward signing a major league contract. It has been his lifelong dream since he was in Little League. The whole town is so incredibly proud of Thomas."


4. Kean Wong

Wong should sign per 06/07 update:

Wong confirmed to KHON2 Sports Director Rob DeMello this afternoon that he intends to sign with the Rays.


5. Johnny Field: Signed

6. Stephen Woods

Woods will sign per 06/07 update:

"It's been my dream to play professionally," Woods said. "I told my coach that if the draft passed the sixth round, I would go to Albany."


7. Ty Young

8. Roel Ramirez: Signed

Update 06/11: Per Marc Topkin, Roel Ramirez is the first Rays draftee to sign.

Update 06/08:

"I was nervous at first, but I'm relaxed now and happy I'll have the opportunity to play for the Tampa Bay Rays."

Ramirez said once he signs the Rays expect to send him to Tampa to play on their rookie ball team.


9. Austin Pruitt: Signed

10. Aaron Griffin: Signed

11. Hunter Lockwood: Signed

12. Pat Blair: Signed

13. Ben Griset: Signed

14. Jaime Schultz: Signed

Per update on 06/08, Shultz appears to be ready to sign:

“This is the greatest thrill of my life,” Schultz said. “I want to thank all my coaches and teammates at High Point University. I would never have been in this situation with them.”


15. Cody Blanchard: Signed

16. Darren Fischer: Signed

17. Willie Calhoun

18. Julian Ridings

19. Josh Kimborowicz

20. Harmen Sidhu

21. John Farrell: Signed

22. Andrew Hanse: Signed

23.Richard Teasley: Signed

24. Jeremy Hadley: Signed

25. Stone Speer: Signed

26. Christian Talley

27. Hyrum Formo: Signed

28. Derek Lorea: Signed

29. Hunter Wood: Signed

30. Colton Reavis: Signed

31. Dalton Martinez

32. Anthony Tzamtzis

33. Hector Montes

34. Devin Ceciliani

35. Cory Jordon: Signed

36. Ryan Moseley

37. Lloyd Slaton: Signed

38. David Sheaffer

39. Johnny Meszaros

40. Ryan Henley

Signing updates per Marc Topkin.

This post was written by a member of the DRaysBay community and does not necessarily express the views or opinions of DRaysBay staff.

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