Rays vs. Astros GDT 1: Welcome back Carlos Pena


How about a strikeout for old time's sake?

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How about this, huh?

AL East Standings

Boston 57 37 .606 0 Won 3
Tampa Bay 53 40 .569 3.5 Won 8
Baltimore 51 42 .548 5.5 Won 2
New York 50 42 .543 6 Won 2
Toronto 44 47 .483 11.5 Lost 1

(updated 7.12.2013 at 1:10 PM EDT)

We knew this stretch of fourteen pre-All Star Break games would be key, and they have been key. On the merit of the Astros, White Sox, Twins, and now hopefully the Astros again, the Rays are in a driver seat for a playoff position.

American League Wild Card Standings

Texas 53 39 .576 0 Lost 2
Tampa Bay 53 40 .569 0.5 Won 8
Baltimore 51 42 .548 2.5 Won 2
New York 50 42 .543 3 Won 2
Cleveland 48 44 .521 5 Won 1
Los Angeles 44 46 .488 8 Won 1
Kansas City 43 46 .483 8.5 Lost 2
Toronto 44 47 .483 8.5 Lost 1
Seattle 40 52 .434 13 Lost 3
Minnesota 37 52 .415 14.5 Lost 5
Chicago 36 53 .404 15.5 Won 1

(updated 7.12.2013 at 1:11 PM EDT)

And while the Red Sox are going to be looking for pitching and some infield help at the trade deadline, what do the Rays need? What does the team lack? It lost its two best starters (David Price and Alex Cobb) and the rotation improved. Wil Myers is playing like we expect a rookie might (94 wRC+), but the offense is still in the Top 3. Even Luke Scott is playing well in limited DH appearances!

I've heard the team has inquired on Raul Ibanez and Kendrys Morales from the Mariners, but neither fit cleanly onto the roster, and the effort may be a ploy to up the asking price for the Red Sox, who are rumored interested in those two players also.

Seriously, if the Rays wanted something, what could they want? They're like a wealthy white person in 1700s England -- they want for nothing!

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