The Rays Tank: That game, that felt like the postseason

Al Messerschmidt

September 18th, 2013. It doesn't matter how many people were in the Trop, the playoff atmosphere arrived, and it doesn't need to leave any time soon.

Those games.

We can easily call out particular games in Rays history, that looking back, have acted like a turning point.

The spark needed to propel the team forward.

To reignite that little ray of October-is-so-close hope.

They've involved Great Pumpkin's in the past, but last night, it took twelve innings and a whole team effort.

From Chris Archer's solid start to Sean Rodriguez's game-tying two-run homer, then a bullpen effort that ensured the tie was held and extras ensued, with an appearance from a speedy Freddy Guzman scoring with a clutch hit from David DeJesus, followed by a needed single from Jose Lobaton and at last, redemption in the form of a line-drive-RBI-game-winning single from Desmond Jennings.

Joe felt it,

"I want to believe this game has to give us some kind of impetus moving forward."

And why shouldn't we?

After all the odds that we've watched this team overcome, and the unbelievable ups-and-downs they've taken us on to play in the postseason in years past, why not?

Sure, we can doubt, and look at how close the Wild Card standings are, and find every negative factor - but why would we?

These next 11 games aren't guaranteed to make us happy the entire time, and knowing this team they won't, but as of right now, the Rays are winning games that matter, and we might as well enjoy it.

If you want to relive last night, read Gareth's recap, and watch ESPN's, as well:


- Michelangelo was resurrected to create this masterpiece of Fernando Rodney.

- Jonah Keri took a look at Koji Uehara's year, and the greatest closer runs in baseball history; with a nod to Rodney's 2012.

- If you read one thing today, read this article from Sport's Illustrated's Joe Lemire on how the changeup has changed the game. It's spectacular and has great input from players and coaches.

- Holy Grail only big for Jay-Z this year? Not so fast. A 69-year-old man in San Francisco is uncovering baseball's Holy Grail, and discovering it's conception long before Cooperstown - try September 12, 1749 instead.

- And in case you haven't done so yet, complete Tom Tango's fan scouting report. If not Ian will ban you forever. Kidding. Just do it.

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