The Rays Tank: Colome's first appearance, Cobb's streak

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Brandon Guyer. Poor Danny Russell.

ICYMI, Guyer was placed on the 15-day DL yesterday with a hairline fracture in his left thumb and is expected to be out three weeks. This allowed Alex Colome, fresh off his suspension, to be called up and pitch four innings of relief, allowing three hits and two earned runs. He was optioned back to Durham postgame and a corresponding move will be announced today.

Alex Cobb makes his second start post DL today, with his three straight scoreless starts tying a franchise record, and his 21 2/3 consecutive shutout innings marking the third-longest streak in franchise history.

The last team to score against him? The Blue Jays with four runs against him on April 1st. Not today, boys, not today.

Fun (not really) fact of the day:

Yesterday was only the fourth Memorial Day in the past 30 years that the AL East didn't have a team with a winning percentage of at least .570 to start off the day. Toronto began the day in first with a .569 winning percentage, but ended the day at .577.


- "4/20/14: Orioles have a five-run lead in the sixth inning against the Red Sox, lose

5/25/14: Rays have a five-run lead in the seventh inning against the Red Sox, are expected to stop trying so hard"

In case you're still talking about Sunday's entirely unnecessary brawl, Grant Brisbee provided a witty take on the situation and asked just how many runs are enough cushion to not steal some bases.


"Within the last 385 days or so, the Rays have blown six-run and seven-run leads, despite being a generally excellent team. You can see why they might be touchy."


- Minor league Monday signing:

- The Rays land right in the middle:

- Manny Ramirez has joined the Cubs as a mentor/coach/part-time player/father figure, though Theo Epstein made it very clear that "Manny is not and will not be a fit on the Cubs major league roster," but can bestow some of his baseball wisdom and guidance to their younger players.

- The first round of All Star voting results will be announced today, but will Biogenesis have any lingering effect on the players selected?

- "Dodgers' third baseman Juan Uribestrumming a ukulele while singing with a cigar in his mouth. Baseball?"

- Nothing like smelling your armpit then forcing your friend to while at a Nationals game to really celebrate Memorial Day accordingly.

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