Erik Hahmann


Editor at DRaysBay, writer for RotoGraphs, TV writer for Creative Loafing.


Stop With The Hit Show Comments, Please.


As expected, most of the reactions to the signings of Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez have been positive. That's the way it should be, considering the low risk/high reward possibilities that those...

Report: Rays and Johnny Damon closing in on deal


Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Rays and Johnny Damon are closing in on a deal. Damon is a far less exciting option than Vlad or Manny, so that would be slightly disappointing.

A Q&A With Marc Normandin


If you're a regular reader of this site then you're familiar with the work of Marc Normandin. You've seen his work at Baseball Prospectus and Marc is also the self proclaimed father of Beyond the...

What Would You Like To See In 2011?


Those of us who write for DRaysBay do it for many different reasons, but I think one stands above the rest: Because people read it. You people. This site wouldn't be as popular as it is and...

Andrew Friedman Cares Not


It takes a strong man not to care in the slightest what people think of him. Most of us, as much as we may not want to admit it, care what someone thinks of us. And most of us don't have millions...

DRB's First Writing Contest: Write an Article, Win a Book


As you've all probably figured out by now, this time of the year is pretty slow. We've speculated and written about seemingly every free agent the Rays could have any interest in. Until the they...

Report: Rays Interested In Brian Fuentes


Per Mark Topkin: They appear to be very interested in free-agent lefthander Brian Fuentes, and are trying to add him to the back end of their rebuilt bullpen Fuentues had a 3.85FIP/4.54xFIP last...

The 2007 Rays Bullpen: A Look Back


There have been many topics of conversation regarding the Rays’ roster this winter. Yes, the team does need to figure out the first base and designated hitter positions, and a starting pitcher may...

The Blame Game: Enough Already!

We don’t normally write posts responding to something another journalist wrote. Frankly, there are so many disparaging, erroneous, and misleading articles out there about the Rays that it would...

Dan Wheeler Signs with Red Sox


With the market for relief pitchers going in a direction I don't think anyone could have anticipated it didn't seem likely that the Rays would be able to retain Dan Wheeler. He was not one of the...

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